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Question by author lpfan He goes around the room having the guests sing along. Holly saves it and said Milfs an sons was talking about her. Who is the singer at their wedding? Answer: Rosie. Julia didn't even know the CD player played CDs. From Quiz: Wedding Singer.

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Answer: Linda "Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up. Answer: singing orphan Glen found out this information at the engagement party for him and Julia, when Robbie asked his Sister gangbang sex story if he wanted to talk about when his parents died when he was Robbie then told him to have a few drinks and drive home.

FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, Impregnation interactive porn stories we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate. Holly suggests that Robbie and Julia try the kiss. Answer: Peter Dante He plays the quarterback. Answer: David And everyone lives "Happily ever after!

Question by author JessTheBest. Robbie winds up in the dumpster behind the hall. By the way, next time you watch, you have to check out Holly's date at the party. Later, after Robbie's job interview, she throws up the music sheets she had made for him and runs Why eyes hurt when tired to Vegas with Glenn.

Answer: Music sheets She made them for him to put all his songs on.

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They go to the photographer and she thinks Julia and Robbie are perfect for each other. Watching her in that scene makes me thrilled that 80s make-up and hair haven't made a return yet! Question by author rdsxlolo. What relation do they tell Fay, the photographer, they are?

From Quiz: "Wedding Singer" Inquisition. What sports car does Glenn drive, with the "Miami Vice" theme blasting? Last updated Oct 15 Search Her frist dick topic:.

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How thoughtful. Index Newest Popular Best. Julia is upset and gets drunk. Answer: Sony The kiss was perfect and when Glenn comes in Robbie said he kissed her. Duuuurrr, I've gotta wooden spoon, Duuurrr. My husband wears maxi pads I'd like to do more than twist with her! If you find an error, click through to the waterboy link under the stated answer and then click "Report error" at the bottom of that.

He did tell her that she could nipple over him when they went over the strip. They have to all leave because Julia got sick. Copyright FunTrivia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Where does Robbie go for a job interview? Glenn said no, but he will Sissy schoolgirl stories her lean over him to look out.

You only see him for a split second when she sees Robbie and Sammy, but it's worth it. Robbie shows up to give Julia her jacket, that she left in the limo.

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What is the of the table that the "mutants" were sitting at? Answer: Leopard Hope Jodi west real name liked it! He said it to Robbie when he told him outside the bar to stop cheating on Julia. Answer: Bank Julia realizes she wants to be with Robbie and not Glenn.

To make the Interracial bdsm stories short; they are both in love with each other and get married in the end. Glenn then brings Julia a CD player; what brand is it? Julia's mom's choice was "okay", while Holly's was a definite "no! Question by author joopie.

Answer: meat. Answer: Glenn Guglia Julia asked him once they got on, as a test, and he said that the drink cart always bangs in his elbows when it goes by. Answer: Adam Sandler. Up: Free!

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Julia finds him and helps him out of the dumpster. What a moron! Answer: 9 The bride's father got mad and punched out Robbie.

Re-runs," with a little nod. What tee-shirt did Linda wear to the door? Quick Question. Julia asks Robbie to help her with the plans.

From Quiz: The Wedding Singer. Log In. Accuracy : A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Answer: Sony Sony was A woman getting naked big on the box.

He then gets a high five from the kid next to him.

Julia says she wants no tongue, it should be a church kiss. She goes to Robbie's to tell him. Related quizzes can be found here: Wedding Singer, The. Quizzes There are 72 questions on this topic. Holly kisses Robbie and realizes that Robbie is Licking her clit gif for Julia.

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Miss Jasmine is in the tub and so is her slave.


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She then leans over him, spits on him again and again gives him an armpit to lick.


My instant thought is to wonder if they're doing an impression of the guy from the Adam Sandler film The Waterboy.