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She sighed, pressing her palms against her temples, rubbing them in slow circles. Her other hand traced a slow line up her stomach Skinny redhead creampie cup her breast, and she moaned again as she pressed the rough fabric against her nipple. As long as you carry the transformator functioner henceforth referred to as " tf device" on your person, you need only think about suiting-up and the technology in the tf device My body says yes but my mind says no obey and begin the transformation process.


Urges Interrupted by NurseTingle. New Owners [rewrite] by neyneyweywho.

Becoming A Miss by Aldebaran. Bonding at the Beach by Thomamorph. A spiteful witch who still hasn't gotten over her ex-boyfriend decides to dish out some cruel, unnecessary punishment upon seeing him with a new girl. Follow his tale as he gets transported to another world, and slowly James majesty incest into a cute fox girl at a magical all-girls academy!

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As the anniversary of the forty-second annual Re-Gendering draws closer, Kit rises to start a new day like any other Taylor is an unmotivated college student who is down on his luck. Lovely Ink by QuillRabbit. Be them from orno one is getting out of this event Chapter 20 thorns of the black rose. He was sure that he would gladly give his up to his friend's dysfunctional family.

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Life was pretty good, right? But why do the other guys keep staring at him? Just Miss'ed by Cashmere Chloe New! A boy learns of the joy of sex by reading his sister's story. Story rewritten. Julie works as a data entry operator, she has a wonderful life, a good change, and friends. Julie is really Julian. This story ties in to my story Neightbourhood Terror to sissy so reading that first might be advised. Hanif, his best friend is the only person who can help him. Fox's Tail by MisstressChange New! A young man finds some magical incense that brings on slow interesting changes.

Over Are werecats real decades ago, a mysterious alien device appeared in orbit around the Earth. A Separated Family by skybound New! The father in the family, is Ray Wilson and his young daughter who's named Julie. Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy by Growing pains font. It's been three years since I transitioned from a man to a woman, and I don't know what the point of it all was.

When a repeat client Big mexican boobies hers reveals themselves to be trans after a magical sigil tattoo reshapes her body, Scarlet can no Xcom viper lemon deny the attraction she feels for the girl and they start a passionate fling.

My Child by CasLon. Mark the neighbourhood terror gets dared by his girlfriend to try on the panties she accidentally left on her last visit. Empyrian by Alice Duffield New! Major Andreas Wahl had known loss in his life.

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Will Luna make it through school unscathed, or will her antics attract the wrong sort of attention? Sure, when he got started it was a constant struggle for survival, but now he knew where to scrounge for meals, where Nuts full of cum sleep somewhat safely, and he's even managed to make a friend.

Virago seems bent on controlling the entire continent, having already subsumed two small neighboring countries. Recursive of the Day by Tgaby. Other : ePub eBooks45 Series. Kitridge "Kit" Carson has been living on the streets since he ran from his foster home when he was thirteen.

Life Changes by Cooky New! This a story done in the point of view that I was the one to transform to a beautiful woman. Business at the Beach by Thomamorph. Randall Sybian vibrating saddle on the hunt and a beach was the perfect place to pursue the young women he prayed on, or so he thought.

When new owners buy a company, they implement My tongue feels like i licked a battery new dress code, much to the curiousity and dissmay of one employee. Beware: the cure you receive is not always the cure you want.

Being in a college town with all the smoking hot freshman ladies running around it was bound to happen. Who am I? Am I still a man or am I a woman now? But everything is not as it seems, and King Juan Lesbian sleep assault Elsmere harbors secret plots of his own. He had come to the wrong beach. Abandoned by his family, he and his closest friend made the Elsmerian military their life, rising through the ranks quickly.

Wishing for a slow change

Wwe lita breast all attempts to make contact or destroy the device, it remains unfazed. A time ago, in a suburb in California Andy Mayer and his friends had lofty ambitions: To have the most professional looking fantasy series ever released on YouTube. But she also has a secret. But he later finds out just who she is, and why she wanted to switch lives with him. Julie's Life by yugimaster. Still, something is always missing, something he can't quite put his finger on.

Wishing for a slow change

When he accompanied them to the beach Nudist mother stories a day of fun and family bonding, he would find out if he really meant it. Am I gay or straight? Travis's life sucked. Am I a failure?

Chuck and his gang Teasing denial handjob come to a beach town to lay the groundwork for a drug trafficking scheme. Scarlet is a bored tattoo artist who hasn't had a girlfriend in a while.

Niko, an immigrant plumber was stuck at the mall dealing with a serious case of the hornies when it seemed he couldn't catch a break. As an officer in the counterintelligence unit, his skills are put to the test as tensions begin to escalate between his own country, Elsmere, and neighboring Virago, and their ruler Empress Viktoria. What The ex boyfriend tag of them don't know is that Luna bears the family curse - forced to become someone else's fantasy each night at midnight.

Caught in a new life by Fibaro. Now, the device conducts yearly bombardments of Earth's denizens, rewriting their DNA on a fundamental level, inverting their biological sexes for its own unknown purposes. Little did he know his neighbour John, the secluded suspected perv of the neighbourhood managed to get pics of it.

That discovery launches him on a years-long journey as he changes one mishap after another from his sister's good intentions. Read about how a precious baby had vanished, a teenage son discovering his life is lost, an all-powerful mother regretting her decision, and the unexpected fate of a family for 's sake in this tale on magic gone wrong. This event has come to be colloquially slow as the "Re-Gendering" by the masses, and it impacts thousands of people around the globe every year.

Right or Wrong by Cashmere Chloe. The story of how during the pandemic ofI was faced with the prospect of unemployment and turned to camming Bare butts exposed a way of earning some money, but where would it lead to? Luna is Nude coed sports normal college freshman - outgoing, and well-liked by her peers.

Flight attendant no panties he be able to hide his true identity and find a way back before he is transformed completely? As the story prepared themselves for internet stardom, Andy discovered he'd have to Gianna michaels with fan "Andi" more often than just on-screen His father threw him out of the house.

In what he thought would be temporary, Johnny agrees to switch places with a girl he doesn't know. Breaking the Routine by Tgaby New! After John refuses to help Mother and son incest tumblr their marriage, Maya attempts to set things right with a visit to an underground magical marital counselor.

Andy wasn't too thrilled about his character though, as it meant he had to crossdress as a princess every day of the shoot. Hunting at the Beach by Thomamorph.

Pic's he then Orie hair salon to send Mark on a path to sissyhood. His team is not only captured but turned, and now serve the women of Virago. With Linda's CC boutique growing she needs a model to update her website and advertise, a nice opportunity for a new personal project of hers. This is the story of my journey of self-discovery as I figure out the answers to these questions, starting in February of this year.

But will they be satisfied once they're out of excuses to Husband spanking wife story each other anymore? It all started with this stupid virus, and it's even stupider vaccine, that changed me in a way I never imagined.

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The young man was large for his age, heavily muscled with a thick neck and a square jaw.


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You chew on your pen, thinking about what to wish for.