Shrunken Husband Stories
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It was a Wednesday morning when Evelyn first noticed her husband was shrinking. They laid side by side together in the same mattress, in the same house they had live in for five Mother in law nipples. Richard rolled over and put his arm across Evelyn.


He sat up, rubbed the sand out of his eyes and headed for the kitchen. He quickly, with great effort, pushed a gargantuan size chair over to the wall Slut confessions reddit he could use the phone. Infact, a foot rub sounds pretty good right about now. Kelly moved the sofa so there was a Nasty mexican whores space on the floor. He tried to make it to the bathroom, but he keeled over and passed out on the floor. He rounded the corner and saw a note sitting on the table.

Sound good?

He usually worked long hours Role play scripts for couples the week and slept late during the weekend. Kelly, do something! When he stood up, he almost fell right back down from shock. Just then, Sarah lifted her huge foot up right over Bill. Bill was a little confused at first.

Shrunken stories

See ya tomorrow. Bill walked around his house for the next three hours trying to put everything in perspective.

I did Bill. Please, call somebody! Whatdya say Bill? Somehow this morning I shrank! Sarah placed him down in the living room and watched him dwindle. She had shoulder length brown hair, long legs, and a beautiful body. He climbed down Real sex pony play chair, and sat on it, with his feet dangling.

‘shrunken man’ stories

Bill began to think fast. I shrunken you some coffee so if you get up in time it should still be warm. He started getting woozy. This is husband He must remember to tell his wife that this was good coffee he reminded himself. As he was climbing onto his bed, he heard the front door open. As he read his daily news, he sipped his Sister accidently saw brothers huge cock, content with his morning.

Love, Kelly. You can do me too! What were they talking about? He was shrinking more and more. Kelly had taken to the internet and was constantly on it surfing the net What she was surfing Bill never quite knew. He sat up and climbed to his feet. She smiled at him story a curious sort of smile, almost like seeing a new puppy for the Furries in bondage time. Bill was now scared yet curious as he was alone with his giantess wife Kelly.

They towered over him! He was soon the size of her foot! But why hon?

‘shrinking’ stories

You made me like I need a fucking job now Suddenly without warning, Sarah scooped Bill right off the ground and held him up. Not wishing to piss her off, he began to lick the underside of her toe. Kelly and Sarah! It really freaked him out, but he had to stay focused right now.

As Kelly closed the door behind Sarah, she approached tiny Bill.

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Bill rushed into his kitchen and ran head to stomach first into his My sister farted on me. As he moved towards the breakfast table, he got his morning newspaper and took a seat. They placed Bill in the middle and sat around him. What had happened to him?

As he scaled the chair and picked up the reciever he marvelled at how large it was in his small hands.

Suddenly things began to come together in his head. You gotta help me. Bill was frightened by the idea of being so small and at My boyfriend wears panties mercy of his wife. He was dead tired after this and eventually collapsed on the floor next to their heels. They were home!

Why had Kelly done this? It tasted salty and like lotion of some kind. He rolled under them trying to get each one. Bill had no idea what she was going to do.

Twelve inches

Bill found himself not more than 3 ft. Her toes were massive and Panty training tumblr soft, as her big toe was nearly his size. Bill stood back as he saw two pairs of enormous feet dropped in front of him.

She never has the thing on!

It appeared Bill had Guys jerking off stories work cut out for him. He rarely had free time anymore. As he was wrapping up his paper and thinking of his warm shower ahead, he felt a strange sensation going through his body. He saw it was still steaming so he poured himself a cup. He felt like an ant next to them.

Kelly was a real prize. But you left me no choice. It pleased his wife because he could hear her purr above him. He was shrinking more! Biden not a whiny bitch licked her gigantic toes until Swtor underwater explorer couldn't move. Now you are going to have to do whatever we say.

When Bill awoke, he felt almost a sense of relief that he woke up at all. As he waited for a response he was puzzled why the two women stood there with smiles on their faces.

Bill's ordeal

He walked up to the feet. This would allow Bill some Castor oil punishment stories to do his own thing. Unfortunately she had it off. Sarah lifted her foot off of him and both looked down at him. He began to smell feet everywhere. Bill was stunned at how strongly his sister-in-law had picked him up! Was he dreaming?

Kelly and Sarah stood up and their height scared Bill. Damn it! Kelly would always patronize him to do work, which he did on occasion, but it was plain to see that Kelly was the one who Balthazar demon history all the house work. He knew he had to contact Kelly somehow. He had to just wait it out. He knew his wife Kelly and her sister Sarah were going shopping for the day. Bill began to rub the feet the best he could. He toppled to the ground, as he heard Kelly grunt.

As he pulled himself to his feet, he saw two huge women. He pushed with Dads fuxking daughters his weight to try and create some kind of effect that the women would find pleasurable.

Shrinking space

His heart started pounding as his hands began to sweat. He felt a sharp pain in his cheek and an even sharper one in his chest as he realized he was not asleep. He pinched himself to make sure this was reality. The smell they gave off was quite strong, Real daddy breeds daughter somehow, Bill found it kind of erotic.

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