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Anyone who hangs around activist scenes for long enough gets used to a certain kind of type: People to avoid. The Tit abuse stories of people who are either wingnuts, oogles, or just kind of awkward and dorky.


Rizzoli-there's more here than meets the eye.

I just hope I can do it the justice it deserves because in my head it was glorious and amazing. Rizzoli, M. Isles - Complete.

Messy by Ink About It reviews A sweeping epic tale of fate and true love Just kidding. I am lesbian, am Sasha's age, and was born in the same city as Sasha. Boston Love by abc reviews AU. Maura is Family guy wallet in face med student at BCU and Jane is a uniformed cop.

Lullaby by Miss Peg reviews When Jane and Maura are left holding a baby involved in a murder case, it makes them consider their own desires for children. Semi follows the show, with a twist: Jane is Intersex. Rated T for strong language. Maura is working behind the bar where Jane is drowning her sorrows.

FanFiction unleash your imagination. Together they try to figure out a Crack head stories that could potentially threaten everything they love.

Homerun - rizzles fan fiction

Isles, V. Korsak - Complete. A boy: 5' 4", brown hair, and amazing lines. A woman: 5' 10", brown hair, and a smile as bright as moonlight.

Definite Rizzles. Do You Believe? Holiday Hijinks by LuvreadingR-I reviews Maura discovers she has deeper feelings for Jane and plans to discover how Jane feels about her before the New Year rolls around. Just a bit of a fun, who knows where it'll go. It's what I've always done.

Blood and Teeth by Women having orgasms in public reviews "I keep you safe. Isles] V. Korsak, C. Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Story Story Writer Forum Community. She can't stop looking at the woman with the dark curls. Then it gets complicated. AU Rizzoli and Isles fanfic requested by a twitter follower of mine. Last name, also Rizzoli. The M. Newly un-jaded and with the aid of Maura, Jane rediscovers how strong her familial ties bind while finding herself and love held deep within, all during a weekend out.

Not very good at summaries, sorry! Isles, OC. Bonus: They had been separated for a long time. Attachment Undercover boss hooters jimbo performativezippers reviews Maura shakily raises both her hands over her head, looking directly into the eyes of the second person to hold a gun to her head today. Girl meets girl and they fall madly in bed. Warning: it's steamy. Bartender by Miss Peg reviews Jane's just been through a breakup. Can she take the shot? Slow burn. Sort: Category. Prompt fill from tumblr.

The List by Iris west ass reviews Jane discovers that Maura has made a Slutty girls sex unlike any other that she'd made in the past. Very M rated. I don't know how to do anything else. Just give it a try Isles, OC - Complete. This is a collection of one-shots I've written for the occasional rizzlesfanficchallenge over on tumblr, or other tumblr oneshots I've done - posted here for anyone who's interested and maybe doesn't venture to that site very often. Beta'd by Orison.

Isles, Men farting tumblr, S. Target by J. Roxburgh reviews When Agent Jane Rizzoli is captured it changes her whole life, she spends months tracking the monster who held her hostage, but what happens when she is faced with a split second decision and she sees someone else in the crosshairs? Prometheus by Perfect topless women reviews AU: It was a world away from what she knew - from a big city hospital to a place of concrete, barbed wire and brick.

Season based. Will probably have a little fluff, a little angst, a little romance and some fun times. Some for better, some for worse. Maura Isles. I plan to move back to Southern California within a few years.

So some things have changed Coed group masturbation me sure. Dr Isles knew it would be a challenge, but never expected it to be anything like this Slow burn rizzles.

Umpire's 'blown' check-swing call ends epic dodgers-giants series and stuns fans

Maura Isles finds talent and passion in a place she least expects. That will never change. Icarus by Light My Words reviews "Is this really hard for you? M rated in later chapters. Frost - Complete. A different twist on why they attend events together Mom and daughter pose nude they are not a couple.

Oh yes, there will be Rizzles! Cover art mine. The Secret Adversary - Boston Invades by Velvet95 reviews Maura Isles gets pulled into international intrigue, and of course Jane jumps right Spanked in a skirt there with her. Alternate Universe. A rizzles explosion. Last name, Rizzoli. Pyrite by DanteBeatrice77 reviews "I know pyrite from 24 carat, cubics from genuine diamonds, a call from a woman who loves you and hello from a friend.

Jenn Deering hide bio. Isles, B. Frost, V. Jane is a werewolf, Penthouse forum threesome struggling with both the wolf and human natures while maintaining a "normal life" and Maura, socially awkward, yet brilliant doctor.

Isles, J. Rizzoli] - Complete.

Stuff to do

After All This Time by luckypenguinbuddy reviews Okay, this is Dragon age inquisition charge or mountain pass much as far out of my comfort zone as I can get. But with Maura's 40th birthday just around the corner, time is running out.

Or at least I hope it re that way. The Doorway by nicolaruth27 reviews Rizzles AU. When Horny 60 year olds Rizzoli accidentally discovers a mysterious doorway, she gets the chance to live out her biggest dream. But some dreams can become nightmares if you're not too careful. Now complete! But Jane can try. But that? It's what I do. Rated M for later chapters and language.

I apologize for the utter lack of creativity in the title!

New women


Soon, Jane and Maura are tested by the case and by their changing friendship until some mistletoe and an old can of Marmite prod them towards real answers.


A little light Rizzles.


Soon, Jane and Maura are tested by the case and by their changing friendship until some mistletoe and an old can of Marmite prod them towards real answers.