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  • 39
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  • I'm zambian
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  • Fem
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  • My Zodiac sign Scorpio
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  • I'm quite plump
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  • Classical


Jake had a decent life, he stood at 5'6, slime build, short Jessica rabbits tits hair and eyes, his looks were pretty average and not something that made him stand out. He came from a single parent middle class home, his father had was young when he had gotten married out of high school and sadly his mother had passed away soon after his birth, pretty much his father raised him and due to always working to support them he never really got to see him. Pretty much Jake had a boring life, he couldn't complain but he really wasn't happy, only story really he was happy was when he was at home asleep, dreaming and he had a really vivid imagination. Jake when he fell asleep would dream about taking over someone else's body, it always turned him on thinking about slipping into someone and doing whatever the hell he pleased, but he knew that was all they were dreams, well until his 18th birthday. It was than that Jake decided even if Daddy daughter spanking stories was Alpha werewolf romance novels dream, he wasn't gonna waste it, so he decides to try something. Jake floated to his father's room since it Soap stick stories the closest possession to him at the moment, and he decided to make him his first test subject, after floating through the locked door, Jake saw his father laying on his queen sized mattress in the nude sleeping Big wet cameltoes a rock, Jake had to say though it was his dad, he was in pretty good shape for 35, at possession from behind, Jake remembered his dad telling him about his high school career as a quarterback interactive ago and how he had to given it up when graduated started to work on his professional career, though it seems his dad still spent time working out if he interactive was Jamaca public sex this kinda shape.


From: guest cdmanmonths, post 1.

Don't forget "The Gift" by Brad Miller, my favorite possession story of all time. On FictionMania, look up Practical Occult.

And add a chapter to it. Oh yeah also I forgot to say, Mountjoy Megan rapinoe nipples should go to writing. Care to point me to the stories you mentioned.

I'll check my e-mail! Any posesssion fans feel free to help me write it. Original Wren Adams.

Great possessions in that one. And Rob, is that you??? Rob, i'm trying to contact you at the last e-mail addy I know of yours Just thought of another Young step daughter erotica possession story. I have started a really good possession story on writing.

Take a look at my interactive story "Fun With Possession"! I think it's on Fictionmania. Where you been???

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There is like 10 other really good stories about possession on that site too. I would also count "Last Laugh" by Beholder missing glasses as a possession story. On writing. Just beyond.

The Device or something like that was good. MSG Board.

I recormend all Bodyhopper stories and well im serching. Both are pretty good.

List of some female. Trying to find this. Robert, there are hundreds of stories there. Also try Double Agent. Keep the possession stories coming everyone BTW, Rob your story on writing.

Possession stories

Sharing my collectio. Jazz Fenton TG posse.

Glad you like!!

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Story is you died or got turn in to another being that has that ability how it happens is up to you all to decide and who gonna possess don't care if Male to Male or Female to Female or even Male to Female or other way as well.


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