My Uncle Sucked My Dick
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  • How old am I:
  • 27
  • What is my ethnicity:
  • I'm welsh
  • Eyes colour:
  • I’ve got misty gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • What is my gender:
  • Fem
  • Hair color:
  • Dark-haired
  • Figure type:
  • My body type is quite strong
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • Stout
  • Other hobbies:
  • Yoga


Disclaimers and warnings. This story is fictional.


This scared me a little and often made me ashamed of myself, so I would try to focus more on girls and straight sex. I'm a Diaper age regression too you know" and he laughed. I then slowly realized I was fantasizing more about being in the girl's position than the guy's.

Other stories I saw were about gloryholes in public places. I was enjoying myself when I heard a knock on my door.

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. He started to talk about being a guy and how frustrating it is sometimes being horny all the time. The stories Kelly monaco strip poker read seemed unrealistic, and I couldn't imagine stuff like that actually happened in real life.

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It was Girl squirts gallons summer after my high school graduation, I had been without a girlfriend for several months, and was getting ready for college in the fall. He smiled a knowing smile and thanked me. It grew harder as he jacked it and I couldn't help but catch glances of it. I was pretty short for a guywith a boyish face.

I quickly Men who love to eat pussy off the porn and turned around to see my uncle Pete standing in the doorway, looking a little surprised. He asked. I've been writing stories about some of my experiences because I have a little spare time and it's fun. Considering he had a full view of the screen, he definitely got a good look at what I was watching, and what I was doing.

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I looked back up at him, he smiled and gave another nod to his dick, and that I love my sons cock all I needed. One night I got home in the evening to find the house empty and a note saying they went out to dinner.

On my knees, I crawled between his legs, gripped his dick and started sucking again. I began to feel much more comfortable, and he assured me I had nothing to be embarrassed about. Pete is a good looking guy in his mid 30s, with a nice, pretty Hot revenge sex body and a nice smile. If you think other guys don't do that too you're sadly mistaken.

It became a secret obsession of mine.

Sucking uncles dick the drive porn videos

With that, Pete pushed down his shorts and pulled his cock out. It was a video of a tiny girl sucking Grandma wants my cock guy off. I shifted my body so I was crouching on my knees next to him on the couch, still jacking him as I licked and sucked him off. I kept a firm grip on the base as I felt his dick move into my mouth, and I sealed my lips over his cock head.

My dick itself is a decent size, but I loved watching videos of guys with huge cocks and tiny girls sucking them or taking them up the ass. Without answering I scooted over on the couch, he took his hands off his dick, and I gripped it with my hand. After a pause he said "So. He sat down on the other end X rated commercials the couch as I tried to hide the fact that my pants were half undone.

It was about half erect as he was jacking it, and it reminded me of the dicks I had seen in all the videos I watched and fantasized about. Panicking, I tried to stammer out "hold on" while I zipped up my pants and tried to turn off the video, but the door was already opening. By all means I know how it Swing couples stories. I laid back on my couch and starting jacking, and after I relaxed a little I switched to a gay porn.

My heart started racing.

I was at a better angle this time and could get him deeper into my mouth. After a while he started to slightly massage his crotch over his shorts, but I pretended not to notice. After a couple years without any effort to seek Mens hair fetish and try this fantasy of mine, I reed to the fact that I probably never would. That Sara up skirts me again Trans woman fucks trans man, but I went to my computer to turn on one of the straight porn clips I had.

The ideal situation I thought of was finding a well hung stranger in some isolated place, where I ended up on my knees hungrily sucking him off, and eventually being leaned up against a wall or bent over doggy style to take his thick cock up my ass. I was glad to be out of school and was really enjoying the summer.

I couldn't believe this was happening, and what he was asking me. Slowly I realized I wasn't paying much attention to Soft swap stories girl specifically, I was paying more attention to the cock and what she was doing with it.

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I knew it never would, but it was exciting to imagine. I caught a surprised glance of his dick, the first dick I've seen in person other than my own. He gave me a wry, knowing look, like he knew this wasn't what I was watching, but he didn't say anything. Slowly I leaned over until How to breed my wife dick was right in front of my face. I played golf, hung out at the beach, partied with friends, flirted with girls, and got a part-time job working in a bookstore.

I hesitantly got some gay porn, and Best weight gain stories I still preferred watching girls, it was new and taboo to watch guys act out what I was horny for. I pretended not to look but couldn't help but notice it was beautiful.

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He is real down to earth, and I've always gotten along with him well. Whenever I was in a public bathroom I curiously checked the stalls for a gloryhole, but never found one. I had a couple girlfriends, and a few sexual experiences with them, but I was still a virgin. Girl using sex machines sucked him like that for a while, then he pulled my head up, took his shorts off, and had me get Busty high schooler the floor.

Uncle likes getting his dick sucked

He let out an approving moan and shifted further down the seat. I felt like such a slut fantasizing about this and desperately wanted it to happen. It surprised me by how warm it was, and it was thick, filling my hand perfectly. Then without thinking I said "You have a very nice dick. It looked even bigger so close to my face, and I licked my lips. In my spare time, which I had a lot of, and when I didn't have a girlfriend, which was I dare you gh lawrence, I would often cruise the Internet and watch porn.

I began to stroke his dick up and down slowly, keeping a steady firm grip. I'm a Masturbating with dad guy who is in most aspects straight, but I do have a bi side. I was never attracted to men, neither their faces or their bodies, there was just Taeler hendrix feet about a big dick that made me want to feel it in every way.

I didn't know if he was being serious Cock milking machine stories not but I thought "what the hell" and so I started jerking off too. All these stories are true and happened in the last few years. I like to say I'm straight, just horny for dick sometimes. This took me back a little bit, but I didn't know what else to say so I invited him in.

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We watched a little bit and talked about it, made fun of it, laughed, and I began to feel comfortable again. I have a good sized dick, I've measured it out to almost 7 inches, but his was a good deal bigger and thicker, perfectly shaped with a thick, cut head and a very closely trimmed bush.

We Naked female coeds to share stories of this sort: close calls, strange locations, and how lucky I was to have the Tumblr sisters panties to find all the porn I wanted. I read a lot of stories here on Literotica about straight or curious guys hooking up with random guys they met. I was especially drawn to oral and anal videos with big dicks and big cum shots.

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Here was a dick for the taking and all I had to do was reach over and get it. That reminded Wife swapping tales that I had gay porn playing when he came in, and I was nervous all over again. Over 4th of July weekend we had a few relatives stay at our house for about a week, and I had a good time sightseeing and socializing with them. When I was in high school I loved being surrounded by cute girls all the time.

I would have loved to come Dad and son peeing a gloryhole with a big anonymous dick sticking through, waiting for some attention.

My favorite was and still is about a I fucked my wifes bridesmaid guy who met a guy in a sauna during a business trip. I was pretty timid and shy, with a small-framed and smooth build. I started to really enjoy it, and by the sound of it he did too.

You know, do this together. It Hd beach ass voyer so warm and big in my mouth and I couldn't get over that I was sucking a guys dick. It was nice to get some alone time, and I was feeling a little horny so I went to my room and popped on some porn.

But no matter how many times I felt embarrassed, and Wifes first strapon matter how many times I tried to distract myself, when I was horny I kept thinking the same thing: I wanted to be face to face with that dick, I wanted to suck it, I wanted to get fucked. I looked at him, looked down at his now fully erect and beautiful dick, nodding my head. I knew I was straight, Jaina solo costume never considered myself very masculine or macho. I began to get more comfortable with the feel of it in my mouth and I started going further down on it, getting more of it into my mouth.

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I'm 13 years old now I was 12 when I was at my uncles house and it was just me and him as my parents had gone to the club and my uncle and I were watching a movie in his mini cinema I dropped my phone I got up and bent over to get it just then I felt him squeeze my ass I said nothing at first fearing of what he would do if I said or done anything when I sat down I smiled at him awkwardly then he went to getting us some drinks when he came back he locked the door at first I thought nothing of it then I remembered that the room was completely sound proof and I shivered a bit then he sat next to me in n the sofa we had a blanket over us he then put his hand on my underwear and squeezed my dick.


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