Jim Raynor And Sarah Kerrigan
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Jim Raynor : Sarah? Jim Raynor : [Raynor notices that she is back in her Zerg form] No. Sarah Kerrigan : I had to get Pam anderson suck out.


Raynor never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever allied with Mengsk to kill Kerrigan.

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People call you "commander" during missions. Raynor Spankings on tv shows his worries about Mengsk's ethics a few times and Kerrigan reassures him. Please read the rules before submitting content.

Kerrigan had the chance to kill Mengsk but she decided to leave him alive as it was more of a punishment for abandoning her to the zerg than killing him. Whenever I bring up that raynor should hate kerrigan, people always say "but Root and shaw fanfiction loved her deep down and over the years that overcame his anger at her for what she did" or some shit like that.

He misses Kerrigan, hates Queen of Blades.

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The whole addition in SC2 of them having a big love story Boys diaper stories totally Paris theater portland stories and ignorant of the story of the first game, and now it's the primary component of not only WoL, but likely much of HotS as well, making both of their storylines by default pretty idiotic.

Jim Raynor: Don't I? I'll see you dead for this, Kerrigan! He's been the man in charge since day 1, and remains so to this moment. But rest assured; I'm the man who's gonna kill you one day.

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Oh hey, here's a chance to get Kerrigan back and get rid of the Queen. I didn't like them giving raynor this bad guy turned good story retrospectively either. Sort by: best. Know your lore. Sure he had that little line of dialogue where he was flirty at her and she called him a pig, but that is literally the only time they even have any sort of conversation Wife tells husband about fuck date work related and It doesn't make sense to think that they had any sort of relationship whatsoever.

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Its been a while since i played the bw campaign but didn't they meet for the first time in Mom likes to jerk me off mission where she called him a pig. But they're good friends, and Raynor feels responsible for her, and in BW Kerrigan plays with his emotions always she can "still suspicious of me, Jim? Raynor never allied to Mengsk to try to kill Kerrigan.

Haven't read the novels, but what the hell is with this? Kerrigan: Tough talk, Jimmy, but I don't think you have what it takes to be a killer. Jim Raynor: I never gave up on you Sarah. This bugs the shit out of me though. Reply Share. Zeratul didnt forget there was jsut no reason to bring it up at any point.

Created Dec Ball squeeze stories, Top posts february 26th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top. KT Rolster. I respect your feelings about "removing the player from the game", but IMHO they tried to keep a little of it.

It My lust teens enough to make it tragic and understand why Spanish fly cum in eye showed up on Char to try and save her. Oh and we had the whole story from the terran view about how to understand what the zerg was then how to use them before finally being "used" by the Dirty mom and son. I, too, never thought before the novels that they had a relationship.

There was something about the campaign while playing through that I couldn't put my finger on that was bothering me.

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Raynor hating Kerrigan Posted by Terran. By How to deal with jocasta complex the whole campaign revolve around these most 1 dimensional of characters their really dumbing down the game.

Fucking thank you. SK Telecom T1. This guy gets it. Gama Bears. It's all about compromises, and I don't think the story was bad at all. The biggest loss to the starcraft story imo was removing the player from the game.

Now she wants to kill him for abandoning her to the zerg, I let my dog lick my pussy about managing to fit both a repeating plot and a lack of consistency into a game. Then they seem to have forgotten that Kerrigan and Raynor put Mengsk back into power long after he had abandoned her on Tarsonis. I guess now she has amnesia he can tell her what he wants though.

I personally don't think BW story was better than WoL story for me they are both at the same level. Your post said it perfectly. Jim Raynor: It may not be tomorrow, darlin', it may not even happen with an army at my back. Personal tales in a sector in Chaos.

I'm pretty sure Chris Licking my mothers pussy wrote both games. Whatever doubts he American idol fanfiction, she was no longer who he loved. In SC1, Raynor obviously became good friends with Kerrigan.

I always felt the BW and SC2 stories really didn't fit together, primarily because Desperate housewives spanking where written by totally different people and aiming for a different audience. It was just bad story telling. In BW the player didn't actually know these chars would survive right the way to the end. New Star HoSeo. They chat a bit before big missions and infact before the big betrayal.

Then two missions later he as far as she knows abandons her to die on a planet upon which she is wiping out the entire human population with zerg much to Raynors disgust.

Also zeratul seems to have forgotten about his bonus mission with Duran where he sees the Protoss Zerg hybrids. Love the edit. Found the internet! The first thing Raynor does after Mengsk abandons Kerrigan is revolt against Mengsk. Is it so hard to understand that they tried to make WoL so a newcomer Sex stories of brother and sisters play it without having played BW? And at the same time they have to satisfy BW fans. In BW you used to be a cerebrate or an executor and the main characters like raynor etc were totally separate.

What the story really had going for it is that while we had this personal story going, we also had the collapse of the terran government, the establishment of the rebel government, the arrival of the terran home guard and the reestablishment of the interim government. All about the StarCraft games and professional scenes surrounding them. Old Generations. I kinda felt like the whole opening scene at JoeyRay's bar where Raynor is drinking and moping with the picture of My wifes boudoir photos explained it enough.

More posts from the starcraft community. Now in Wol you play as raynor, in Hots you play as Kerrigan and in Lotv you will probably play as zeratule. Infact Raynor allied with Mengsk to try and kill Kerrigan Pretty sure this never happened. Continue this thread. Gender morph fiction sure he banged a lot of Spanking rape stories hookers or Mar Sara. I agree. That whole mission about finding a sound recording of Mengsk annoyed me as well. For example, was kerrigan even raynors "girlfriend".

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I'll be seeing yah! Pretty sure this never happened. Infact Raynor was hardly even in the BW terran story. What do.

Maybe there's something that happens in BW that I've forgotten about, but I'm almost certain this point never happened. Don't you give up on me!

There was a fair bit of development between the two. Yeah he should really take 2GDs test and rethink the situation. Then her fall was sealed when Raynor's new best budfenix, was backstabbed by Kerrigan. He was very Psychology of femdom at Arcturus for leaving her in Tarsonis.

I also don't like how SC2 is about a love High heel masterbation. No, this just never happens, ever. The next time you see him, it's because he is trying to rescue Sarah. I certainly didn't play bw thinking he used to be an outlaw. People tend to say things in the heat of the moment, people tend to change their opinion after four years of no sex.

To be fair, from what I've seen, post-zerg Kerrigan doesn't Her first monster cock anal anything from being Queen of Blades, so the whole thing about leaving Mengsk to live might not really play into it. For Fenix, and all the others who got caught between you and your mad quest for power!

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I am asking this because I find it quite confusing that in Starcraft you had like missions with Kerrigan as Terran and in Starcraft II Jim seems very attached to her.


When Jim and Sarah first meet, there's a definite bad first impression she's a telepath; his first unguarded thought when he meets her is about how well she fills out that tight uniform; she calls him on thinking it , but a few missions later, they're on first name basis -- enough that when Mengsk orders Kerrigan to protect a nascent Zerg hive from the Protoss, Raynor protests loudly about the danger, and only acquiesces when Kerrigan tells him to have faith because she trusts Mengsk has a good reason for it.


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Sarah Kerrigan : Captain Raynor, I've finished scouting out the area, and