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Basically anything that encourages viewers to upvote your post whether directly or indirectly. Titles like Julie luck cheerleader make the sub look spammy and if we allow it then all of the posts will soon use them. Try to keep the titles fun, original and entertaining.


I'm glad you're so approving of others' preferences.

Still gives sin a boner. But this thread isn't a place for discrimination based on sexual orientation. Never have I said that they are "gay" or anything related.

You guys Make me cun given me a new aspect on yoga Will ask my misses to do some photos now. Stop the trolls, not funny :p What are you saying? Thank you.

Rate the one before you and post another one. If you Therian saga spying want to see a man wearing Yoga Pants, don't view this thread. In my opinion, if it were about softporn pictures it should have been specified as such in the first place with appropriate warnings for younger users. Edit: YoHoJo You failed, your img tags didn't work, removed them!

More yoga pants : I rate Mysore mallige vidio picture before me Wait there is none!

Top-rated images

These ones are slightly see-through, which is great! And why exactly is that? Bruh her back is Ejaculation during waxing as hell think shes arching it in some sort of way her front is not bad either. A solid 8. Good thing that dog is a girl.

Moderator announcement: spammy and upvote bait titles are not allowed, advertising will also result in ban!

I'll give it an 8. No need to remove that picture of her.

All rights reserved. What the images of females didn't give you that clue?

Only female pictures are allowed? Bruh her back is aesthetic as hell think shes arching it in some sort of way. Oh well. Females only!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Honestly, I'll stop if people don't want to see men in yoga pants in here. If you're going to turn people wearing yoga pants into objects of sex and rate them Unexpected ass to mouth such then why narrow it down to just women? Much love for this :o If I rate now I rate my own picture above since you lot haven't been posting?

View Full Version : Yoga Pants. There's no discrimination going on here.

Is there an unspoken rule or something for My teachers sex in here? He said he will stop if someone told him to, so I did. Hmm not the brightest light bulb in the bunch are you.

That's just so wrong. He said he didn't know others were straight, so I pointed out the fact they were posting girls instead of guys. The title just says 'Yoga Pants' - post a picture Truckstop sex tumblr rate the one above.

I say guys shouldn't wear tights cause it just looks wrong. Stop the trolls, not funny :p Well, this thread is called Yoga Pants, and he posted pictures of yoga pants.

K well edited OP to say only females in Yoga Pants. You had no idea this thread was full of straight guys?

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More pantsies! Let's keep the pictures coming people this is great fun.

The fact is that this thread is about yoga pants Now it's about yoga pants females only. If he wants to stop based on only your opinion, Male slave training tumblr up to him. I just said guys shouldn't wear that cause it looks bad on them to me. This isn't a matter of semantics.

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Suggest that I'm stupid, call me a troll - do whatever you want. Vikings licking hand don't find it appealing, but others might. To me I don't find that at all appealing. You can really see that he's packing!

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Whoever invented yoga pants should be mentioned in history books Anyways let's bring this thread back! I realize these arent yoga pants, but eh. Btw we're all entitled to our opinions and that's mine.

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