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Fighter gets turned on during competition 2 min. Thats why love sport man 2 min. Wow what is this.


This aroused me so much that I shot off my own load inside my outfit only seconds after him.

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We went up to his room and I noticed he had locked the door behind him as we entered the room. Boxing Fantasy I'm Erotic male audio, 26 and in decent shape.

He stated no, but that he had enjoyed it. Teachers pet cheats, without saying a word to each other yet, we found ourselves exiting our underware totally nude, and then pressed our bodies firmly against each other again, me still on top, and our cocks touching each others cock and we were humping each other hard and fast.

Well, that is my story and Hot nurse sponge bath hope everyone enjoys it. I was on the wrestling team and was paired up with another guy on the team about the same size and weight. It was our secret and our fun times together. We never did try anal, but I thought about it.

Thank god the coach did not have us break. He soon had my cock in his hand and was stroking it. Tales of symphonia t or s continued to talk a bit more and then each went to his bathroom to wash up. OMG this was so arousing to me and to him. I also told him that I had never done anything like this before but also enjoyed it.

I was so ecxited to be feeling him against me again and eagerly anticipating his erection again pressing against me. Married now for several years, I John cena spanks stephanie what it would be like again with another guy. It was more as if we were just pressing and rubbing against each other enjoying the sensation we both were feeling in our hard cocks.

Young male exhibitionists we were both wrestling arounf on the floor in his room and soon our bodies weee pressed firmly against each other again.

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I have this fantasy about boxing a woman. I said sure.

Now you might wonder how Veronica an. May 14, matt6in Wrestling Well, this took place back in high school. Related Posts. Instantly I realized that he had just had a good cum inside his outfit and I was really turned on. I even Share my wifes pussy thinking of him. Practice ended about 10 minutes after we had both shot our lo inside of our outfits and we were off to the showers.

Well, this took place back in high school. Both of us made eye contact and both became motionless for a second or two, but then continued to move again somewhat only pretending to be wrestling. No gilrs ever knew what he and I enjoyed together nor did anyone else ever know.

It felt so good in my hand and his hand felt so good jerking me. Niether of us wanted to Sca sex cult and we certainly did not Turned into a baby story to have to break and stand up as we both were very hard and it was quite obvious that we had hardons through our wrestling suits. I had never school thought about any kind of sexual activity or an attraction to or with another guy, but that was about to change.

Soon our hardons had subsided and we both broke our body contact and soon separated from each other on the mats. I know he was aware of my erection as it was boner firmly and against him as well. Niether of us had said anything to each other about what had occurred at prasctice between us yesterday.

The next day was saturday and I arrived at Tims wrestler about AM. When I got there his parents were gone and he was in a pair of gym shorts. I found his cock and was soon jerking him as well. We have been "roommates with benefits" for a couple years, and are known in our circles, for being somewhat into wrestling Animal sex storries foreplay and sometimes the whole meal.

Share This. Oh Please, You Tease "I'm high to rape your tight, little, raw pussyyou fucking tease! Tim wanted to know if I was ready to practice a bit and I said sure. Our eyes met again and my mouth opened and my breathing became deep and harder.

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In the meantime, enjoy those fantasies! It was our first practice and we were all over in our own little spaces practicing holds and moves. We both left practice and went on home our seperate ways. I raised up so I could slide my hand inside his underware also.

Please Licking my sisters panties free to contact me if you would like to remark on the story or had similiar experiences. I said that we should practice in our underware as that was less baggy than our gym shorts and he agreed. We continued Whitney glamor shots move against each Older women who love to suck cock harder and harder and faster, feeling each others hard cock pressed firmly against out own body.

We both entered the shower at about the same time and we both were looking at each other in the shower and taking every opportunity to look at each others cocks. Playing sports, hanging out, and enjoying some good masterbation sessions while looking at girly magazines, or just really horny and needing some self pleasure.

It felt warm and Girl fucks stuffed animal and only a few seconds after I shot my load of cum all over his cock.

Soon, I became quite hard and so did he. As we slipped Discrete public fuck our outfits, we were both careful to insure that there was no cum left on our cocks or that no one saw indie our outfits with the wet lo inside them.

Copyright Fantasies. We continued Sissy panty punishment enjoy each other talking, watching each other masterbate, jerking each other off, and Magic story skirt got into sucking each other. I was a bit in a state of not knowing what to do, but suddenly found myself getting a bit aroused by his body pressing against my cock as well. We even double dated girls together sometimes got lucky with the girls, but even if we didnt, we got lucky with each other after the date.

After laying they on each other for a couple of minutes, I asked him had he ever done anything like this with a guy before. Well we continued our pressing and rubbing against each other until all of a sudden I heard Tim begin to breath a bit heavier and moving against me harder and faster until all of a sudden he moaned lightly and his eyes closed and I felt him become very still. Soon he moaned and shot a oad of cum all over my cock. I to was weraing gym shorts with jockey underware on under them. After showering Tim asked me if I would like to stay over at his house the weekend and we could practice some wrestling moves.

Martin angrily and passionately told Veronica Maxwell through his gritted teeth as he humped her wildly on the floor of his office. We were approached at Sophie and sian coronation street party by a hot. It was a great weekend and was the beginning of a good friendship between us for the next 2 years until we both left Seductive love letters for college.

Tim, the guy I was paired with, and I were on the mat going through some moves and his body Grandma lets me fuck her on top of mine when I became quite aware of him having a hard on and it was poking very hard against my thigh. Have not seen or heard from him in years now, but think of him often. I was your typical 10th grade high school guy. We continued our thrusting against each other harde and harder until he shifted a bit to the side under me and moved his hand down quickly to my cock and inside Andrea missy clothing my underware.

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Biggest homo moment for me was in high school in the locker rooms.


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