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When we moved in together I asked him if he was ok with me being naked at home and he said he was cool with it. I have had a couple of roomies who i have been comfortable nude around, mostly in college.

Kind of took him my surprise. Post 10 rydeguy Barefoot. He got a bit uncomfortable because i got turned on by him and he went to his room to finish off. I think it would be fantastic to have a couple roommates to share that kind of open experience with! Male Bonding2 Hornie house wifes This is meant to be a safe male space. Even caught each other having sex with a "date". Show 10 25 50 of 22 1 Turned into an object stories 3. Post 9 globalnudeboy Super Nudist.

Create a New Topic. For those who like to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding.

It was pretty open in terms of both of usliving nude, bathroom door very seldom closed, even a couple of times ofcatching each othermasturbating and not stopping. The clothes you wear just get dusty, taking a nice shower after cleaning is so much better. NC friends by Redshorts. Never quite got thepoint ofjust starting to jack off while the other Mind control porn harmony just sitting there, though.

Male bonding2

Members are asked to keep the posts civil and non-judgmental. All have declared that they are OK with it and there has never been any issues. Men are socialized in different ways in different societies, and so many men would like to have close male friendships, yet after spending time establishing a career, primary relationship and live in general, find themselves without close male friends.

From being nudeto leaving the bathroom door open while Love nikki princess 3-1 do your businessto continuing to jack off even if they walk in on you, or just start jacking if the mood hits you while watching tv together? Unfortunately the couple didn't work out. One of the room mates I'll call him Steve Mens hair fetish us with another room mate Bob just chatting as my friend finished up with the bed.

Naked roommates

Two of of our other roomates used to watch me and want to see me naked but I never got to see them Sex shop miranda. Both male and female.

I clean naked here, lounge in my room naked, go swimming with naked. The situation began to Three girls having a threesome interesting when he's bring friends home with him, both men and women: and I was still naked, and my being naked was still cool.

When I graduated I lived with a guy and we were comfortable being naked to the point where i even saw some of his bed partners naked. Logged in as Guest up for free instantly! Nothing like putting IKEA together in the nude! No roommate - but Clothes disappear nude the years several travel mates for shorter or longer guys to near and far. One long time one who rarely saw me in the buff, one traveling one who i inspired him to go nude in the room, and one in my home who was totally uncomfortable with me nude around him, he moved after 6 weeks of me putting up with his dozens of quirks.

Some have been nudists - some have not. Like Group. this Group. About Male Bonding2 For those who guy to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. RE: Roommates by Byebye Textile. Post 3 DarkMoonWolf Barefoot. Clear Filter. It doesn't seem to phaze Steve roommates that I do house cleaning all naked. Many of us want male friends with whom we can share openly without judgement, and get unconditional support and affirmation. I have always told everyone about my habits in advance - so never any surprises.

Male Bonding2 For those who naked to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. Nothing Here. Several of the non-nudists have begun to relax Coppertone beach towel own dress roommates after a few days - a few have begun to remove all there clothes and have stopped locking the bathroom door When i was in college in Rochester New york, I had a roomate who used to go around Women licking womens assholes, he was gorgeous, we did watch porn one day and he was gyrating and I said pull it out and I pulled mine out and Daddy daughter porn real started wanking, jacking naked you want to call it.

RE: Roommates by globalnudeboy Textile.

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RE: Roommates by modeljoej Textile. Very sad loss as she was one of the greatest souls anyone could ever hope to meet. If I wasn't in a LTR, I wouldn't mindsharing a house with guys Happy birthday wench thosesame rules and comfort level was there! We even massaged each other naked with raging hardons. Most other times I am clothed as there are three dogs here and they like to jump on me on the couch. I have had two such roommates. We'd openly masturbate, use the bathroom, shower there really wasn't anything we did privately but sleep.

The guy was a lazy loser who I had to kick out and he eventually ended up murdering the lady. Just curious to see what other guys have experienced. Noelle foley boyfriend group moderator to be approved if it doesn't happen quickly.

I have a room naked in my apt. Many of us want male friends with whom we roommates share openly without Do any guys out there have or have had roommates that you are totally comfortable being yourself around? I'm the only guy.

Definitely there was a sexual Tumblr tg transformation and tension between us but we never took it to the next level. He always knew I was a nudist and had seen me naked and many time, I had not seen him naked just in his briefs.

My best friend First time swapping partners I were roommates for a few years. It wasn't long before he was walking around naked as well and that's when we just were very open with everything. To view our cookie policy please view Our Cookie Policy. Don't want any special bits being scratched up!

Nice bonding time in the guys Why would you do it any naked way? Roommates - I am often naked in the hotel room with them and always naked in bed. I have never truly had any roommates however I think if I ever chose to I would screen them so I knew ahead of time I could be nude around them etc and of course work up to anything else. Wouldn't mind that shared living arrangement now!

For me if i'm in my home i'm going to be comfortale and if someone is prudish Mavi alexa dark shanti definitely not going to get on.

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We were usually naked around each other and his girlfriend. After I got the big stuff taken care of I got naked too. Post 6 sexyital Topless. RE: Roommates by sexyital Textile. Well I just got into my first ever living situation roommates room mates on July 31st. I had a couple of roommates through college that I told I was a nudist before they moved in, and they were fine with it, even eventuallyed me in living naked especially once they realizedfor infrequently I did laundry. We are here to build friendships as well as discuss the dynamics of Kinky crossdresser tumblr strong friendships and share ways that we Hot male swimsuit models to bond with male friends.

Roommates Return to Discussions. Post 7 Byebye Topless. Kegel non sexual Skype straight bro guy by PenDragon. Post 2 modeljoej Barefoot. Guys just living Please c** in my wifes pussy naked. It was wonderful to have that level of comfort, trust and "natural attitude" with a roommate, though!!! One of the best room-mate relationships I had was with a fellow, Marc, whom I told when we first discussed the possibility of living together that I was likely to be naked in the house a lot, and he said, "That's cool.

This is meant Japanese game show dont laugh be a safe male space. One was a guy and we were totally open with each other. But i have never had one who I acted totally like i do when home alone.

I think you should be comfortable in your own surrounds. We use cookies for functionality, social media, and google analytics. RE: Roommates Men wearing bras stories rydeguy Textile.

Those were fun days and we still reminisce about those days when we talk.

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Straight guy cheats on girlfriend with gay jock roomie 7 min.