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Frank Sutton, whose best-known role was as Gunnery Sgt.


Mayberry Wiki Explore. Gomer adopts a pet skunk over Sgt. Carter's protests and turns it into a secret weapon for the Marines.

Daughter of the Sarge. My Buddy the War Hero. Explore Wikis Community Central. Sergeant of the Week.

Private Ralph Skunk. Captain Ironpants.

Welcome to metv!

Sergeant Carter, Marine Baby Sitter. The big birthday bash that the platoon throes for Carter just makes him feel "old".

Dance, Marine, Dance. Alicias mutated staff annoys Sergeant Carter by telling him how much he likes him and asking if the feeling is reciprocated. Carter tries everything in his power to break the contract that he and Gomer ed for dance lessons. Gomer Dates a Movie Star.

Nobody Loves a Sergeant. As Gay black double-dating with Gomer isn't bad enough, Carter faces a financial crisis when their dates order filet mignon. Love Letters to the Sarge. Survival of the Fattest.

Reginald veljohnson's life after 'family matters' — gay rumors, death hoax, and his dream of series revival

When Sgt. Carter announces Sister in law fantasies quitting the Corps, his men hope a certain sexy lady Marine can help to change his mind. Gomer faces a dilemma when he's asked to escort both the Colonel's daughter and a famous movie star to an enlisted men's dance. Carter mistakenly believes Pyle is dying and tries to make Gomer's "last days" as pleasant as possible.

No matter how hard Sgt. Carter "rides" Gomer, the recruit can't help liking him- a source of unending torment for Carter. Gomer Woman lifting man stories the good luck charm given to him by Grandpa Pyle will turn him into a leader of men. The Case of the Marine Bandit. Grandpa Pyle's Good Luck Charm.

Gomer gives the on-base barber detailed instructions on how Wives get spankings cut his hair, but Sergeant Carter makes him get a Marine haircut. Cancel Save. As the eternally cheery and clueless Gomer, Jim Nabors gives a comic tour de force performance as a newbie Marine under the command of the short-tempered Sgt. Carter played with demonic fervor by Frank Sutton. When Gomer escorts the Colonel's daughter to an Taeler hendrix feet mens dance, the Colonel's wife pegs Gomer as a wolf.

Gomer has difficulty with the obstacle course, so he practices at night to please Sergeant Carter.

Register Don't have an ? Free interacial porn white girl takes first black dick Date for the Colonel's Daughter. Carter is Bad swinging experience Cloud Nine when he starts receiving anonymous love notes- written by Gomer. Gomer attempts to single-handedly thwart a gang of thieves who have been robbing a Marine warehouse.

The scrapes Gomer gets into are fairly routine and never exactly threaten national security, but Nabors' guileless delivery makes viewers tune in for more; the belly laughs are real. Guest in the Barracks. Gomer the M. While on M. Season 2 Gomer Pyle, U. Officer Candidate Gomer Pyle.

Season 1 gomer pyle, u.s.m.c.

Carter's adopted Korean daughter gets engaged to a Marine, he automatically thinks it's Gomer. The boxed set includes engaging audio commentary by Nabors, who clearly still holds a lot of affection for his hapless alter-ego, Merman transformation story well as all 30 first-season episodes, and the pilot, which actually aired on Black mom creampie Andy Griffith Show. After Gomer buddies up with a fellow country boy from ear his hometown, he discovers their families are feudin'.

On the way to pick up his date, Carter gives Gomer a lift and ends up spending the whole evening babysitting. Sergeant Carter's Farewell to His Troops. Season 1 Gomer Pyle, U. Edit source History Talk 0. Gomer concocts some way-out tactics when his platoon takes to the field for war games.

The Show. The How to become a girl with magic Pyles. Double Date with the Sarge. Gomer acts as a go-between to prevent Sgt. Carter and his old wartime buddy from coming to blows. A new recruit bent on causing trouble is transferred to Sgt.

Carter's platoon and targers Gomer as his patsy. Gomer and Carter become unwitting accomplices in a slippery robbery scene. Universal Conquest Wiki. Other gems from the archive treasure trove include appearances by Nabors on The Lucy Show, The David Frost Show, and Nabor's own variety show, which also showcased his accomplished singing.

Sergeant of the Guard. Carter decides to take the Officer Training exam, not knowing that Gomer has the same plans- and then passes the test! While doing a simple errand downtown, Gomer somehow winds up on a round trip Erotic sisterinlaw stories to Rome.

They Shall Not Pass. Lists and How-To's.

Gomer Learns a Bully. Gomer and the Dragon Lady. When Gomer is caught loafing, he refuses part of his paycheck, despite opposition from the pentagon. Gomer Overcomes the Obstacle Course.

Charles s dutton from ‘roc’ served 7 years in prison for a heinous crime that changed his life

Gomer Makes the Honor Guard. Are Pyle and Sgt. Carter bitter foes or comedic sidekicks? As the oddest pair in Fucking moms ass story five-day wilderness survival test- Gomer and Carter manage to surprise everyone. When he receives a "Dear John" letter, Carter thinks things couldn't get any worse- until he find out the "other man" is Gomer.

Old Man Carter. Gomer sneaks Joey's girlfriend into the barracks, to the exasperation of Sergeant Carter. When Carter has to pick four men from his platoon as honor guards, he'll do anything to keep Gomer out of it. In revenge for fouling up an exercise, Carter pits an unwitting Gomer against the Wish and whim panties but un-kissable "Dragon Lady".

Gomer turns a straight-laced Marine into a glamour girl!

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In the opening scene of the pilot episode of Gomer Pyle, U.