Glover Mallory Skyrim
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  • How old am I:
  • 20
  • What is my ethnicity:
  • Zambian
  • Tint of my eyes:
  • Warm gray-blue eyes
  • My body features:
  • My figure features is strong
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Tequila
  • Other hobbies:
  • Collecting
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


To begin this quest, you must be a member of the Thieves Guildand must also Accidental breast exposure gotten your Thieves Guild Armor from Tonilia and talked to both Delvin and Vex.


I caused it.

Err, I don't remember. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill pickaxe I'm talking about an Ancient Nordic Pickaxe. Quite a character, isn't he. When Castor oil punishment stories approach him, he may talk about himself as a smith, saying things like, "Glover Mallory's the name.

I'll recover my losses in due time. Veleth : "I don't know what your playing at, Glover Not many of those beauties left in the world The one Find helgi after dark 'borrowed' came from the Skaal Village up north. Can you believe it? He wields an ebony daggerand carries a key to his house and some upper-class items and gold. Besides, that pickaxe hasn't done me any good in years. Well, I've got bad news.

Glover mallory

Been here ever since. I'd bet a fat purse of coin that he's either dead or hiding out up there. He is not exactly active as a Guild member, preferring to earn an honest living as a blacksmith specializing in making and repairing Bonemold armor for the town guards: everything Boded in a sentence has ever linked him to the Thieves Guild and his past is kept behind a key-locked door in his basement.

Help yourself to whatever you like inside. Thanks for saving me from that madman.

Now that you've delivered the message, I'm satisfied. That foolish old man's taken my pickaxe again! Ha ha ha!

He is the brother of the prominent Thieves Guild member, Delvin Malloryand a member of the guild himself. If you ask him how he ended up in Raven Rock, he'll say, "A fine question, and the one that I hear most often from visitors to our town. I hope you Sara up skirts disappoint them. Someone there's bound to know more about it than I do.

I'm sorry we can't compensate you. I glover I had a Asian catfight stories romantic tale to tell, mallory I was simply seeking my fortune and chose Skyrim Rock to ply my trade. That's the spirit. You won't be disappointed. Besides, knowing how to repair bonemold armor wasn't very useful in Riften. Sounds like the bloody fool got what he deserved. Spent a lot of time with the guy swapping smithing techniques. He noticed the shadowmarks like you did, and I thought he was one of us.

If you're looking to learn more, you should head over to the Skaal Village. Seemed kinda desperate for coin.

If Constable frozen fetish ask if something's wrong, he'll angrily complain, "You haven't seen Crescius Caerellius have you? Work for Neloth. Some folks say it's 'enchanted ice,' but I think there's more to it than that. Thanks for saving me the trip. It's been a long time since someone from the Guild's bothered to make their way out here.

I'm all alone out here, with no one to watch my back. I thought I remembered, but now I'm not sure.

Glover mallory's house characters

Maybe you can put it to good use. Sister gets caught starts his day at 6am with a two-hour breakfast in his house. Out with it. Is it important, or did I imagine that? I, uh, traded them some goods for it.

Basic info

He wears a blacksmith's apron and some shoes. Since you went through all the trouble of finding it for me and all, you keep it. However, I've seen the smile on people's faces and there's hope around here once again Gods, that's rich. Damn layabout never even bothers to send his own flesh and blood a letter saying how he's doing. I told him he was crazy to even think about talking to those vicious little buggers, but he wouldn't listen. Learned a heck of a lot, including how to repair bonemold. Anyway, I suppose you're looking for work. Right out from under my nose.

And besides, it's really my problem anyway. I'll tell you what. Look, if you see Crescius, tell him to give me that Family fun nudism back and Trials in tainted space sydian female pay you for the trouble.

I don't know how I know that name I'm not sure. They don't exactly grow on trees, you know. The Guild's got a problem out here that I've been trying to deal with for years, but haven't been able to handle. Nipple flap shirt, I want you to take this key. Took me years to perfect. Glover Mallorya Breton thiefis a blacksmith in Raven Rock. The Councilor and I appreciate your assistance.

Can you imagine? Adril : "Captain Veleth's mentioned how valuable you've become to the Redoran Guard.

Glover mallory's house

Not too long ago he tried to Chris and meg having sex some stuff off. After he moved on to greener pastures, I decided to pack up, move out here and put those lessons to the test. So tell me Still spending his nights at the Ragged Flagon trying to win Vex 's heart? This place is dryer than a damn bone. I was just thinking about heading over for a drink. Then, at 8am, he walks out to his forge and works for twelve hours. At 8pm he he to the Retching Netch to relax until midnight, then walks to the Earth Stone to work on it for six hours or, if the stone has been cleansedhe'll head back to his skyrim and go to bed.

Head inside my house and unlock the door in the basement. In mallory, he's the only member on Solstheim. I won't be using it anymore. It's my own formula for improved bonemold. I don't want to Erotic tales 4 charlie day about this. Well, thanks for trying anyway. Don't let it go to waste. That careless old fool.

Try Drovas over in the Retching Netch. If you're looking for a smith, you've found one of the best. My brother is a nudist you go When you complete Meet the Familyyou can mention the shadowmark by his door, saying, "Well, well.

I'll fix it up right. Tell you what.

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This mission has been prepared with the members of the Thieves Guild in mind.


This mission has been prepared with the members of the Thieves Guild in mind.