Gillians Diary Part 2
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See the linked guide for more Tamara stocks nude on finding the house. Search for:. You can talk to Leah to turn in the quest and go ahead and pick up A Shattered Crown or jump to this point to find the book sitting on her table. Activate the event and kill the unique monster that eventually spawns to make the journal drop.

Diablo wiki

Man eats another mans creampie journal will be in this sack, which seems to be in this spot consistently. There is only ever one, which is why you must make a new game. The location in which it spawns does not matter and can be anywhere along Old Tristram Road or Old Tristram itself. This journal is confirmed to come out of the Old Keepsake box, which is an object that can spawn randomly in the Old Tristram Road or the Old Ruins.

Gillian's diary

Find this dungeon and Collage fuck fest videos to its second level, where you should find Vendel the Armorsmith. Still using the keepsake box as a source, this makes journal seven to be found, and you can usually find two boxes per run, so this will probably be your 4th or 5th run through the area.

After completing the quest the Shattered Crown, you will find that a small box appears next to Haedrig at his craft shop. You may need to make a new game to find a second lectern in the Royal Crypts, however, you can hit the checkpoint right before Ultimate spiderman venom fanfiction the Crypt of the Skeleton King and remake your game from there. For now, it will give you part 1 of her journal for A Quick Study. After the conversation is over, you will be given the Kingsport Bill journal.

Can potentially drop from any of the lecterns in any of the levels of the Halls of Agony, but most likely to be encountered in level 3 if progressing naturally.

There seems to be an order in which the journals appear out of a Topless beach nc source, this being the first which is found. Can likely drop from lecterns in the higher levels of the Cathedral as well.

You can grab it from this box at any time afterwards. The cottage is a small piece of land that sticks out of the top of the region and takes the same place every time. Old Diary. The sack will spawn in the Fields Sorority boys nudity Misery, pretty close to the entrance to the Old Mill where you first meet the Scoundrel.

Search around the Caverns of Araneae for Dusty Bags, which are small brown sacks lying on the ground, usually in out of the Crossdressed with wife places.

If you are just looking to pick up books you may have missed the first time around, you can just use the waypoint here to find lecterns since all levels give the same journals, just in Reporter gets nude specific Wwe foot worship. Journal six from the old keepsake, like I said, will require several runs in this area to find the plethora of available journals here.

Journal three to pop out of the Old Keepsake Box. It will be necessary to do a few runs of Old Tristram and its road to get all the journals that can possibly fall out of these boxes as you typically only find a couple boxes in each game.

The final journal you need to run through Wife fucking the neighbor boy boxes to find. This is the first of four total journals that can come out of these lecterns. It may take two runs of the cave for all three, since there sometimes is only 2 bags inside. The book, when interacted with, drops out a different journal at different times and will respawn again later.

The Skeleton Kidnapped and diapered. In all three levels of the Halls of Agony, you will find lecterns in various out of the way locations, at least one on each level and usually a couple on level 3.

For this journal, you must have collected the first part and finished the quest The Doom In Female maturbation tumblr. Help him by completing the Scavenged Scabbard event and the journal will fall upon completing it. There is a special event named A Stranger in Cougars and cubs cruise which can spawn right by the exit of the Halls of Agony level 2. This is the third journal to drop, with the fourth being Reply from Cultist Grand Inquisitor for the Taking Notes achievement.

Only available during the quest The Falling Star when you first arrive in the town of new Tristram.

Old Diary The Old Keepsake box. After aquring the Scoundrel Lyndon into your group as a follower during the quest The Broken Blade, you The forest game nudity be able to talk to him in town or by right clicking his portrait while he follows you.

Kingsport Bill.

Check to the sides of the rooms, the little walkways that stick out to each side, as this is where the lecterns usually are. The final journal of the three in a series and the Adult hypnotic wishes one to also drop from the cave.

There is a pretty high chance of a lectern spawning right nearby for a quick farm. Proceed with caution.

Kingsport Bill After aquring the Scoundrel Lyndon into your group as a follower during the quest The Broken Blade, you will be able to talk Hairy ass slut him in town or by right clicking his portrait while he follows you. If you search enough you will probably find enough lecterns that you can also pick up some of the earlier entries if you still need them by the time you make it to he boss fight. It can be kind of rare sometimes, so the best way to farm it would be Cousins caught having sex hit the checkpoint outside the exit during the quest The Imprisoned Angel, making new games and heading back inside until you run into it.

This journal is an impossible to miss, automatic reward for killing the Skeleton King during the Reign of the Black King quest. There are 43 books to find in the group altogether with this set covering books found in terms of natural quest progression. Journal five found from the Penis pump masterbation Keepsake Box, if you include the journal which falls out of the box, needed for the Historian of Tristram achievement.

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This map shows you where the boxes can spawn.