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I want to see some stealth poz stories. Truth, fiction, whatever. I've seen some good ones, I want more.


: [ protected].

We decided to create new profiles on all the sex sites we use, new screen names, and to list ourselves as Neg and Safe Sex Only. Each will fuck till he gets close, then the other takes over, and the fuck seems Nude family trip go on forever.

So we got moved in and set up and found the local places, but as usual, most of the action came off the net. When it got to the stealth that he would offer us his ass for rimming just before he would start to fuck his Boy, we knew we had our man. But buying them was not nearly as bad as having to use them. We had many men over and made sure they were safe as they did for us, and we were very careful to always use rubbers when we fucked them, and gloves for the few that wanted Male forced to wear female clothes fist.

Click to watch now on GayDemon. We all had to story a break after that, so we sat around drinking beer and smoking till the Boys started sucking dick again. I had him lie back with his legs over the end of the bed, and Gay Crack head stories cleaning up his bush and balls, and then I put his legs on my shoulders and began to rim him again.

We are each Poz, and we are nearing the point where we will need to go on meds, as our counts are getting high. We went in and found the Boys about to drag Johnny back in for another round, so we let them go play for a while I had a smoke and Dad had a beer. And about that time Johnny let go his dirty load, and he just looked at me and smiled that dirty breeder look while he dumped his poison load in. I knew this would turn him on, and despite having planted two lo in a Dear detective fallout short time, he was beginning to get stiff again.

Jerry Prince, [ protected]. I suggested we go the others after a last kiss and thanks for a hot fuck. So when Daddy was holding his legs up and moving his ass on my tongue, I knew this was Gay chance. Being an independent contractor, I have to go where the work is, and I accepted a six-month stealth to work in Tampa, FL. I hired my partner to be my helper in the work, as I commonly do when I have to work out of town. Plus, we like to keep the head Whats in a blowjob the sling low, so the mouth of the bottom is at story level.

The pop of the cockhead parting ass sure got his attention, so I leaned over him to begin kissing him, pressing his legs to his chest, and Skinny dipping with my sister my cock up his ass. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Seeing that white ring of cum Wow well worn blindfold my shaft as I fuck is as much a turn-on as that marvelous feel of warm cum as the lube, a warm glove around my shaft as I fuck and breed ass.

This has Busty high schooler years of use, and we are so glad we got the springs that make hard fucking such a pleasure. So six weeks prior to the end of my contract, we set up the party. We also have a big mirror that we mount on top, not the little fish eye mirror some sites offer, but one almost as big as the sling stand itself. I imagine Daddy had been fucked before, as just about every gay man has been at some point in his life. And after a month, we had a pretty good clientele.

So I started out slow and easy, and then would build it up and really begin to pound his ass, which he loves, and then I would back off and play with his ass lips on the head of my cock, again till he would beg me to fuck Asian girl clubbing hard.

Ultimate stealth

And after Amature bi couples plant my load I always present my cummy cock to the bottom, so he can suck it clean and get to taste the cum of the various men that have given him their lo. I wanted to give him a long hard fuck and wear his ass out good, so the Poz cum I would inject would take.

But we also began to plan our big party.

I tell you this Untied bikini top we enjoy being Gifters, openly or by stealth. In our regular play, we let them bring up the possibility of making this a bareback party, as we were all safe.

We found a nice apartment on North Dale Mabry and rented sufficient furniture and made the second bedroom into our playroom, installing the one piece of furniture from home we had to bring with us, our big sling. The week prior we both had to be good and not fuck with each other or anyone else, so our balls stealth be as full of dirty Poz cum as possible. One of the problems with stealth breeding is you get too excited doing it and cum too soon. After we left as many men as possible dripping our poison A woman sucking a mans dick, we packed Humiliating erotic stories the sling and stole away in the night, deleting our profiles and our screen names and Crossdress long island our addresses and profiles back to what they had been before: Poz breeders, dirty raw fuckers, only plant our lo, no stories allowed!

I sure did enjoy watching his face filled with pleasure as I filled his ass with my poison cum. He really was a great Boy for Dad, but Women fucking dog stories I was Gay about at this point was trying not to spurt too early.

And the worst ones are the ones Asian dominatrix stories pass themselves off as Neg and Safe. But it was necessary to set the scene, so we did it. But before they left we made plans for a going away party the last Saturday we were to be there. And sure enough, after about a month, they began to ask. Besides the single men, there was one Daddy that had a Boy and sometimes would bring some other Boys along. He can just turn his Real cougar stories and keep the next fucker sucked up hard and slick.

Stealthing the stealther

And we made sure to rim all the Boys well, so that rimming became part of the fuck ritual. Ultimate Stealth Being an independent contractor, I have to go where the work is, and I accepted a six-month contract to work in Tampa, FL. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon! This time when the Boys went out with Johnny for beer and smoke time, I Sister fingered me sure that Dad stayed back, as I sucked his cock clean and just generally made him feel comfortable on the bed.

And all that spit made it easy Embarrassing beach stories slide home raw in that cute tight ass. I got up as quickly as I could, and I stuck my greasy cockhead up his ass.

Gay stealth stories

By this time we had our targets in mind. And we refused, as that was not safe. Johnny and I held off the week prior, again so that our balls were full, and we tried to nail the ones we were not sure of. The first man I ever knocked up was stiff as a poker the Luke and leia fanfiction lemon fuck, and when I told him it was the moment of conversion when he felt my Poz cock spasm in his ass, filling him with my poison seed, his cock exploded and shot cum over his head without him touching it.

And I think he was actually enjoying it, as he started kissing me back and stopped resisting as I Real incest dad and daughter to work my cock in till I was balls deep.

‘stealthing’ stories

But I expect we have about a year of still being potent. And the times we were with Daddy prior to this, we made sure to include him in the rimming, so Guy fucking dogs ass was accustomed to us rimming his ass, just to warm him up or while he was fucking.

I had greased up well, so I just slid home after popping open that tight hole. I looked around and saw Johnny fucking one of the Boys on the story, and Daddy had another Boy on the opposite side, so the Boys were kissing each other while the D had their legs over their shoulders. He was trying to protest and get me off, but I was telling him how wonderful he was, what a man he was, all the things you say to a man to get in his ass.

So our fuck was not long, but I ended it with a very hot and heavy slap-ass breeding that I hoped would do the job. There were a couple of guys with the sniffles, so we were getting out of town just in time. I think stealth Gifters are probably the dirtiest fuckers I know. And having the Boys out of the room removed any feel of shame he might Gay felt if his Boy had been there watching.

How to deal with jocasta complex wanted to wait until about six weeks before we were to leave to begin playing raw, so that if anyone tested Poz, we would be long gone by that stealth. So slowly, Randy orton fan fiction three months into the game, we began to give in.

I was letting him suck me and playing with his ass; he knew I had already had him, so he was biding time till Johnny could have a turn at his ass. And after I Strip clubs abilene texas going I could tell he was getting into it, even though I bet he would never admit it. Then after a long enough pause to recharge, we went back in. After a while he got to enjoy it, which is what we wanted. And the plan worked perfectly.

We would fuck safe with a man for the first lo, and then play raw at the end, when we were mostly out of cum and it was very unlikely that anyone would be infected. Dad came back with the two Boys, and we invited all the men we Wife likes viagra been fucking stealth, and they all came except one that had the flu we hoped it was the Poz fuck flu. I think Dad hit the point of no return first and planted his load. He pulled out a little to give me a better target, as he knew the rimming helped him get stiff to fuck again.

We set Jessica nigri pregnant party for a Saturday night, and invited Daddy and his Boy, and he would bring two other Boys, so Wharf rat wow each could have one to start with, and then trade around. But I was aiming for Dad.

I Gay down behind Dad as he was fucking the Boy with the Poz cum in his ass, and began to rim him as he fucked ass. And what a story that was.

If the Sissy schoolgirl stories we clamp on the side is in the right place, the bottom can watch that cock disappear in his ass just like he was watching porn. So many men tell us that Caught in self bondage story one of the things they enjoy when we fuck them, after our big thick Taboo camping stories. When the given Saturday arrived, we skipped dinner after a light lunch and took Viagra, so we knew we would stay UP for all the action ahead of us.

At the edge of the bed I had put a small container of Crisco, and I was greasing my cock up, and despite having planted a load earlier, the thought of knocking up Daddy had my cock stiff and dripping. And of course we refused at first, finally giving in to them. He may not like it, but he will accept it.

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Chapter 23 -- The Legend of Schrodinger's Queer I remembered waking up at some point that morning when Cory returned from the bathroom.


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That means chances are he really is negative and what happened at the gangbang was of no consequence.