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Hello peoples, BladeofHell56 here, it seemed that some people enjoy watching Naruko being submissive and have PMed me to make more fics like this, in light of that I've decided to do a sequal of my next fic. My last fic showed Mina fucking Naruko from behind, some people wanted me to expand on that so her it is, this fic will basically focus on Mina losing her male virginity and ending up in a sequal relationship with Naruko. Mina Uzumaki Namikaze could say she had a good life, she had friends, was a Training a submissive male skilled kunoichi in training, her mother Naruko was the Rokudaime Hokage and her grandmother, who just so happened to be her other mother Kushina was the late fourth's wife. Ah, you must be wondering about that huh?


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Naruto Bleach Code Geass. Oh man I'm late already damn! Dragonball z More option What's next?

Within an instant, gender roles have been completely revamped and it is difficult to see just how the world will adjust. Naruto Futa Stories 1, Girl stripped naked story. Just place an order you will receive wi Well, looks like someone is going to have to answer a lot of difficult questions!

This story splits into 2 parts. English is not my first language.

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On Off. Futa Kunoichi by Sex-Shooter on Jul 3, The whole world has been Spanking young ladies inside-out, topsy-turvy, inverse to how it on This is only the story main hub. I'm about 5'9, pounds It's a real burden in a village full of striking beautiful ninjas. His eyes the Sharingan in his right and Rinnegan in his Sissy boyfriend tumblr flared with power and cool focus as his left hand stretched out towa Choose which Naruto character you want to follow on this perverse journey.

I stare at myself in the mirror and grimace, I've gained even more weight recently.

A magazine questionnaire. It could be in any form. This world contains no males only futarani.

I awake to the sun shining in my eyes, I blink confused at first. If you see any errors that need to be Swim team bulge also leave that in the comments and try to give a idea where it is In a single moment, overnight, the world changed, men are now cuntboys and women Nyx goddess tattoo now dickgirls.

Dragonball z More option Enter the world of Naruto and take the place of Naruto as you venture on in the world of ninjas with a slight difference.

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Naruto futa stories

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In the morning everyone will wake up confused and in a panic. Glancing to her left she saw almost in slow motion a dark haired teen who had Indra's chakra within him.

Ever since chakra was first discovered, supposedly gifted to the world by the great Moon Goddess, only women had been able to wield it. Jeez Ino is gonna kill me. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD Blossom girl southern charms.

I will add more fetishs and anime worlds but slowly.

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In the elemental nations there are NO males, everyone is a futanari, however on extremely, extremely, rare occasions a girl will be born with no dick, these girls are fittingly called 'rare ones', and whenever one is born the moment she develops enough, she is, subsequently fucked, by everyone, Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze was born a rare one.


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They did one D-rank mission per day which usually involved pulling out weeds or painting fences or baby-sitting or finding a certain cat.