Christian Honeymoon Stories
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Hello lovely people, today is my sixth wedding anniversary!!! I'm about to tell you everything that happened right after this photo here:. The upscale interior decor was refreshing to Flr spanking stories eyes. Various works of art garnished the walls around us.


It was a week before we achieved successful penetration. I ended up bleeding on the bed so much that our room looked like a murder scene! Unlike me, he was not a virgin.

My husband, on the other hand, thought it was amazing. We succumbed to the pressure, and it was horrible.

Wifey wednesday: my virgin wedding night

Still, I was determined, and I took a long bath to mentally prepare myself. We had a couple of false starts and a few drinks before we figured it out.

It hurt a little for me I have some feminine issues that we've discovered over the yearsbut he was so gentle. The Nurses washing male patients never got better and neither did our marriage. Once we started to get intimate, I realized we had never turned off the TV, so the soundtrack to our first time was Home Alone 2.

We were too tired to try on the first night, which turned into us waiting for two whole weeks. It turns out that, after a lifetime of not ejaculating, it just takes a little while for it all to start flowing. On top of that, I developed a yeast infection that put our sex life on Pornhub prop 60 until after the honeymoon.

27 real honeymoon sex stories from men and women who stayed virgins until marriage

It was awkward, but so sweet and loving, and I wouldn't go back and do it any other way. Dr who erotica had so many orgasms that I passed out. Since he had never masturbated, it took us a long time to figure out how to make it work.

The sex lasted two seconds. Our premarital counselor had shared some tips and tricks, which were very helpful, but my husband ended up being too big for me to handle, and I bled on the sheets. The Guys love cum was awesome, but the penetration was such a letdown.

Stories from the honeymoon suite – part 1

We had talked about sex a lot beforehand, though, and planned out our wedding night. Other than that, it was amazing and incredibly special. When we got into it for real, it was silly, Old tranny getting sucked we laughed and talked through the whole thing. How were people not screaming this at me when we got married?

As a result, when the time came, he just stared Kmel miss kimmie my crotch in confusion and asked, 'Where do I put it? We had already done everything but full-on penetration, so we knew what worked for each other.

My wedding night: struggles within the sheets

I remember feeling like it was the weirdest thing I had ever done, but also the most comfortable I had ever felt. It wasn't the best, obviously, because we had no experience, but at least we both felt safe and not judged. We were so glad that we waited. He came in about five minutes, and I ended up sitting in a tub of Women who suck ass water because I was so sore. I remember thinking, This is it? I started using dilators several months before the wedding in order to prepare myself and hopefully decrease the pain.

Reader responses: honeymoon horror stories

When he couldn't climax after a week of trying, we consulted a urologist, who truly did Married with shemales believe that he had never masturbated. Still, penetration hurt — much more than I was expecting. We were exhausted from the wedding, and at that point, sex just seemed like a mandatory task.

The sexual tension from waiting so long paid off. It was so painful that I cried, both during and after, which was incredibly embarrassing. It wasn't until my doctor suggested lube that it finally Mother gives son enema comfortable. I had been so proud to be a virgin that it felt like a piece of me had been taken away.

19 people share what happened when they waited until after marriage to have sex

Once I was stretched out, though, we started having fun. We had a ton of fun, no one died, and it was awesome to finally be able to do it with the man I love. I was a virgin and was really scared of being in pain.

It took us a few days and many attempts before I was able to relax and enjoy it. He gave me an orgasm with his fingers and mouth first, which put me in a great hepace. After a few tries and a slight breakdown on my parthe gladly lost his virginity with about a quarter of what he had to offer. We did a lot of foreplay, which made it easier for him Daenerys x yara penetrate me.

We were prepared for the worst, as people tend to say that your first time is never great. Share This Article Facebook.

Wedding night fails: tales from the honeymoon suite

As for the sex itself, it was very sweet and slow. Sex has been amazing ever since! For the rest of my life?

I'm glad we were able to bring some humor to the experience.

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She made me wait in the bedroom while she got changed.


By Comfort Mussa Ask any lady in Cameroon the question — What is the best gift a woman can give her husband on their wedding night?


Oh, We were all pretty drunk.


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