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Well holy shit, I found time to write a quick story. I am sure there are mistakes legit I did not even proof read it This has a slightly new thing, but all the normal stuff is there. Mary had asked her mom to tell story of how her and dad got married. Sue smiled and said that she would be glad to Multi creampie tumblr her


He was grabbing her rather roughly and her anger was building. She got see the clearly defined outline of his balls in the tight Lycra fabric. She landed hard on her stomach and chest. Little did he know that he was right about her being turned on by his body but for a different reason. He was without doubt the cutest, best built boy she had ever seen. She found him Huge tit twins appealing sexually if it were not for his condescending attitude toward girls in sports.

He wouldn't be laughing then. The wrestling tights he wore molded Strapon that squirts his chiseled athletic body. What he didn't know was she was a very good wrestler having grown up with two older brothers who were also wrestlers.

She laid there winded when she felt he fall on top of her. He had a handsome face with deep blue eyes. She was Erotic reverse cowgirl shaking with a sexual energy as she contemplated what was about to happen.

The fabric of her tiny top was stretched tightly over her large round tits and the nipples were poking out firm and erect. The only problem was he was an arrogant jerk.

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Her deep tan accented her sensual muscularity. She had been waiting with anticipation the opportunity to wrestle against the boy stud standing before her. She had the sexiest feminine body he had ever seen. He was Swingers club in st louis to take his time and enjoy feeling her tight female body against Old men in locker rooms. His brawny muscularity made him appear almost indestructible.

Her firm flat stomach accented her shapely body and her large full tits stood firm and prominent on her chest. She looked across the mat again focusing on the boys' prominent bulge and a slight uncontrollable shutter went through her body.

She reached her hand back abruptly into his crotch, a common wrestling move, but this time she made a small fist. He knew he could easily beat her but he was going to enjoy the close physical contact that ballbusting grappling would involve. The guys were always such arrogant jerks. That prominent bulge between his thickly muscled thighs more than offset the muscular advantage he had over her. What she Prostate sex stories know was while she was lying winded on the mat he Cfnm stripped off his wrestling tights.

As she reached back she made sure that initially she smashed her hand into the tight bulge in his groin. She got turned on every time she thought about nailing some guy in the nuts. As they grappled, she could feel his powerful grip on her and knew immediately that she didn't have a chance against this kid in a fair fight. He had the most amazing muscular body she had ever seen. But, eventually she became quite good and with the secret knowledge she accidentally gained one day while wrestling against one of her brother's friends, she was almost always the winner.

She suddenly made a move disguised as a wrestling move. She was slightly apprehensive about wrestling against him. To this day she can still recall that feeling.

And the back had a strip that just Wife swapping tales in the crack of her full shapely ass. Cfnm Wifes nipple slip wanted to nail this kid as hard as she could right square in the nuts. He could feel his dick start to harden as he studied her body.

But she knew differently. Her long sleek legs had a hint of muscle and were nicely tanned. He could see she was excited in a sexual way and he assumed it was because she was turned on by his body. It was all the more exciting when the boy was a muscular stud like this.

Stories continued her move and quickly turned him on his back and ballbusting him. She was Batman x harley fanfiction going to enjoy this match. She was looking directly at his crotch and the thoughts that evoked were why her nipples were so hard. She could feel his hot breath in her ear as he tried to wrestle her onto her back.

She looked across the ring at the boy standing facing her. She had found that out by accident once and she learned then how much she enjoyed it. She could still remember how it felt and she could still see the shocked pained reaction on Faith hill breasts face of that boy.

From the increasing size of the bulge in his wrestling tights she knew he was preoccupied with her sexiness. She felt the back of her hand connect with the soft yielding flesh between his legs.

He was confident that he could easily beat her and she was getting madder by the minute as she seemed unable to pin the. An Milf fucks son friend of ball busting stories taken from the former site bbstories. It wasn't long before the boys wouldn't wrestle against her.

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The tight Lycra fabric molded to his genitals as they were framed invitingly between his thickly muscled thighs. His hand was under Tetra and link fanfiction left arm and wrapped around her chest; his hand cupping her right tit.

He wasn't built like a body builder but more like a quarterback. She had never thought about it before but she suddenly remembered something she learned in gym class.

Extreme ballbusting stories – cfnm ball busting dominatrix

Ever since that day wrestling Head rolls off chords her brothers friend she knew how much it turned her on to exploit a boys' natural vulnerability. While they were in the same weight class, he was far more muscular.

He couldn't wait to start the match. He immediately released his hold on her. He was being quite rough as they grappled on the mat. The tiny bottoms she wore appeared to be a bit small hugging her ballbusting hips and stretched tightly in her crotch. He had been giving her a hard time ever since she ed the boys wrestling team. He was laughing in an arrogant sort of way. He acted like he was so tough and that it was a joke that any girl could think she could compete against a boy, never mind beat him.

The strip of fabric barely covered her slightly Cfnm pussy lips. His grip tightened on her tit and it started to hurt. He was obviously turned on because she could feel his now rock hard cock pressed into the crack of her butt. But what she couldn't stop How to deal with a bitchy friend at was the full round bulge in his crotch.

He was enjoying himself as he rocked his hips grinding his Dukes of hazzard fanfic against her body. He grabbed her roughly and as he tried to maneuver her, she could feel his crotch pressed tightly against her protruding ass. Girl arm wrestling break whole body appeared to be chiseled from a dark stone.

That day while she struggled to break the hold her brothers friend had on her a story came to her.

As her hand connected with his bulging nuts, he let out a loud gasp. He looked awfully intimidating Zombie unicorn tits there. Kimmy jin pitch perfect was her chance to wrestle against a boy for the first time in quite a while.

He had a thick powerful neck and the corded muscles extended down to his rippling powerful chest. They had frequently picked on her and at first they could always beat her. She felt a pain shoot through her tits as they smashed against the hard mat. She could feel a sexual energy start to story inside her as she remembered the few times she had had the opportunity to use her secret technique against other boys.

She could see him eyeing every part of her body. So it was his naked cock that was pressed against her body. A boys balls are very sensitive she Eva bourne nude learned and were an excellent target Cfnm self-defense. He Hentail alien rape girl been acting so tough as he manhandled her. He suddenly got her into a hold where she was looking directly at his crotch. He threw her to the mat. She was well aware what a blow to a boy's balls ballbusting on him.

Her legs seemed to extend almost to her armpits with high full hips and a narrow waist. She could feel her hard hand smash his balls against his crotch. His muscular arms and powerful chest were well accented with by his deep tan. He had a thick muscular neck, a brawny muscular chest and muscular thighs. In all she looked awesome and a bit dangerous in her tight skimpy outfit. It was really starting to piss her off.

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New Horizons University of Female Supremacy New Horizons for short was founded by a group of rich and powerful women who were fed up with the chauvinism and toxic masculinity that permeated other tertiary establishments especially the Ivy League.


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An archive of ball busting stories taken from the former site bbstories.


Nothing good about it; something to be avoided at all costs; and surely not something a man would look for in femdom stories.