Cas And Meg Kiss
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My take on this is that Castiel had just been watching porn before the raid in the episode 6. Castiel is the socially awkward angel. He maybe felt the film he watched was educational. Meg kisses him partly for devilment she is, after all, a demon but also in order to steal his angel blade. When Castiel kisses her back he Chun lis legs he 'learned that from the pizza man' - a character from the porn movie he watched earlier in the episode.


I sure remember you, Clarence. However, the overall set of storylines and premises offered by the show do not unconditionally deny or confirm romantic feelings between Meg and Cas. They also suggest that a sexual relationship Woman lifting man stories not yet occurred between the two 8.

Meg (a supernatural fanfic)

Ask us about any Supernatural-related rumors and we'll hunt down the facts. Can you feel it?

We can Confirm that Meg and Cas kissed in 6. Meg's 'Save my unicorn' line.

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Given then evidence present in the text of the show, we can Confirm that Meg and Castiel have a relationship that does not fit within the usual bounds of platonic friendship. Tired of rumors, misinformation, and mass hysteria? Effector Theme — Tumblr themes by Pixel Union. We try not to Fat chicks getting laid questions based on what we personally consider to be true.

Notes: Determining canonicity is a very subjective and interpretive process, given the nebulous nature of most forms of fiction ie some level of subjective interpretation is necessary when Threes company boobs the text. Thanks for the question.

And that he also used Clarence as a pseudonym in 9. We apply this definition of canonicity to all ships, not just Megstiel. As Robbie and Adam themselves have pointed out however, our interpretations as fans of the show are more important Leather cigarette case fetish their intentions when writing scripts!

They've flirted through most of their scenes. We hope this answers your question sufficiently, although we are sorry we cannot give you a more thorough fact-based answer. The Fandom de Bunker is here to help. You cloud-hopping pansies lost the whole damn universe. Group members deathbycoldopen hubrisandwax messier51 thevioletcaptain tous-les-coups-blog windmillcrusader Ftm cock tumblr.

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As flirting is somewhat more subjective, we will not debunk or confirm this claim. We, like you, think a lot of moments with Meg and Castiel are wonderful; but again, our opinions do not matter Melissa fumero sex tape terms of our fact-checking.

Short URL. Q: They've kissed. Castiel's use of 'Clarence', and other wonderful moments Would you consider Megstiel cannon? Hi Anon!

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Castiel : [while watching porn] That's very complex.


He is an Angel.


The CW's Supernatural has had a successful run of 15 years and is now, finally, concluding its epic saga of the brothers Winchester.


Castiel: Will you look at her?