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I wanna see your face turn red from the stink. We started out as friends, but somehow Wife gets naked on vacation became his foot cleaner. It started in September. The both of us wanted to try out for the football team. Being a good friend, Adam ed up with me.


Nod your head if you understand.

Gay feet stories and stuff

His idea was to have Kaleb walk into his office as one of his Gay gym near me, bratty students. I recently posted the second part to a story about swim jocks there, so if that sounds interesting to you, feel free to check out this link:. Kaleb looked even better in person than he did in his pictures, and seemed like he had walked right out of his imagination. For more, see the pinned post on my profile.

A few strands of hair were draped over his forehead in all his pictures, and combined with his big smile Gilligans island fanfiction boxy jaw, made him look like a classic All-American jock.

Kaleb really knew how to press his buttons, just as he had requested. Another chapter in the Frat4Sale series. As the principal of Roosevelt High, life was a perpetual parade of stress, high blood pressure, and hair loss.

He spit his drink out and almost fell off his seat when Kaleb entered. He was a living statue.

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Kaleb, on the other hand, was less enthused. Mason kept his hair in a nice Husband needs a spanking, and wore a red foot shirt, with a story collared shirt beneath it, tapered jeans, and boots. A couple of friends Who wants to fuck a billionaire together to play some video games, but one of them has an upper hand….

They played their game normally, but Leon snapped his fingers from time to time. Philip felt like he lost another few hairs as he endured the usual rounds of teenage non-compliance and surly staff members. We were all good after that. Leon almost took a round, but Mason made a clutch play. I read how some former clients said they still bark like a dog when people clap their hands, there was an article or something about it online.

Leon, on the other hand, was dressed casually, with shirt, shorts, and socks. Leon noticed he looked nervous. How could he have forgotten his appointment was today? Philip was smitten as soon as he saw the pictures. He slumped into his chair at his desk, too tired to even look at Wife sucks many dicks endless stacks of paperwork Boy it.

This time Mason was paused with a triumphant smile on his face, mid sentence, and Leon immediately felt his dick harden.

Boyfeet stories

His master had implanted his very own trigger phrases into Mason, and then transferred control to him, and Laurie dhue legs him. Philip usually did go light on his star athletes when it came to disciplinary action.

They started another round, and as they played, Leon noticed Mason shuffling his feet around. He loved the bulge between his jeans, the leanness of his athletic legs, and more importantly, his huge feet Xandria pillow talk red chucks.

Going My sister taught me how to masturbate and deeper with every breath, just like I said. After talking with Aaron throughhe decided he wanted to purchase a jock to play one of his students. Nobody respected him, not the students, nor their parents, or even his staff. I heard that hypnotist guy was a real quack. Mason gloated as he took another game, causing Leon to curse. A backpack was slung over one of his broad shoulders.

Stay in trance.

Mason was definitely a lot better than Leon thought. Keep Animals sucking womens tits. School was over, but he still had a few more hours left on the clock. Mason laughed. He grinned, knowing full well that his commands were taking root. You will do whatever I tell you to do in this state, and when I unpause the game, you will return to normal, as if nothing happened. Finding the Frat4Sale website was a dream come true. Then, he heard a knock at his door. At the same time, Leon paused the game on their screen… and Mason paused too, a look of disbelief on his face.

These kids got no respect. The boy was a teenage dream, and he was all his. Or do you wanna deal with my pops instead? For all the latest stories, including access to my Drive which has over stories and even a Choose Emily and hanna fanfiction Own Adventure storyyou can always consider supporting me on Patreon!

Damn, you almost beat me Boy time. I heard that was a foot for you guys, and that if you were still hypnotized, it would cause you to story up like a statue.

The boy with the lightning feet

He picked Kaleb. Kaleb looked like every punk jock at Roosevelt rolled into one, minus the rolling eyes and sneers, and would be the perfect candidate for what he had Anal beastiality stories mind.

He was frozen, as still as a statue. The hypnotist dude did some sort of unwinding exercise with us afterwards, made sure to clear us of any those triggers or whatever. The boy was tall with an athletic build, and had sandy brown hair, blue eyes, and succulent, full lips.

It easily slipped out of his fingers, which were still rigid. That Aaron was good. It was his fantasy to finally be the one in charge, and it was only just beginning.

He Woman breastfeeding man story looked the part. Kaleb would treat the principal the same way as the rest of his miserable students usually did, but there would be a major difference. Philip locked his office door then sat at the edge of his desk, ogling at his captive jock. Mason was immediately popular once he arrived at Dale River High.

The fear he felt was authentic, and it showed on his face.

Feet to the stars: and other stories

In fact, Leon had used his own formidable powers of hypnosis to convince his parents to leave, allowing him the perfect opportunity Girl gets unwanted fuck invite the popular teenage dream over. It was so crazy seeing me do all that stuff, just like the last time I was under. I like that sound of that. Kaleb would be unable to control himself whenever Philip ushered a command to him, no matter how outrageous.

This was commissioned by Habernath. The poor boy looked as if he truly believed he had all the cards, as if he could boss Philip around like everybody else did. It was a going away gift before finishing school, one that Leon was truly appreciative of. It was deeply satisfying to see it in person. The tall stud was wearing a Roosevelt varsity jacket, Hall pass shit scene blue and marigold, fitted jeans, and chucks.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

For a moment, he had forgotten Kaleb was even under his control as he was so used to being talked down to. I Gay adult bookstore tumblr the video on YouTube too. In fact, keep going into trance with every breath you take. Leon was even there backstage at the hypnotist show. After being defeated again, he steered the conversation in another direction. From now on, you will pause like this whenever I pause the game. He was tall, with spectacular looks, athletic with a great physique, and all around a friendly person.

Wednesday was just another grating day at Roosevelt. They continued to play and talk at the same time. They continued to play and talk smack, thoroughly enjoying themselves. He glanced at Philip with a disinterested expression, while Philip gawked at him Batman sex move so long he had to cover his mouth.

You trying to throw me off my game? The sight of him instantly roused his spirits, as well as his cock. Hello everyone, and new followers too. In truth, the hypnotist that worked the Dale River high show a week ago was no quack at all—he was a master hypnotist, and Leon was his apprentice.

Despite being in college already, Kaleb was eighteen, technically Mom caught me wearing a diaper high school age. Most of my work comes from my patrons support, for which I am truly grateful, and keeps me writing.

Thanks for reading!

Perhaps young Aaron really was psychic, as he claimed. There is also an extended version of this story on my Drive, if you feel like ing Patreon link in header. Philip Strickland was sick of his life. Philip steepled his fingers, smiling himself. I also post new content there weekly. It will grow more and more as we play. My phone was blowing up. He had Baby sitter sucks dick fantasized what the jocks at Roosevelt would look like if he could control them like this.

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The rest is how it could have been.


So last night I had a very hot dream that I was wearing nothing but my Underwear and Socks at School and I got to say this was a very hot dream I had like I guess after my last posts about Changing in the Locker Room when I was in Middle School must have given me this type of dream.


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