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  • Years:
  • 21
  • Where am I from:
  • Sudanese
  • Available to:
  • Hetero
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  • Big gray eyes
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  • Black
  • My Sign of the zodiac:
  • Cancer
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  • I like latin


Altairboy is the one chastity resource on the Internet. Reviews and stories. BeltedGirls is a female chastitybelt photo gallery featuring photos from several different producers of both photos and chastitybelts. Bondage, selfbondage, and chastity stories viewable online or downloadable in PDF Wife likes being naked for reading anywhere.


The sports bra was calling me to put it on. I looked at the clock, my wife should have been home about an hour ago, then I hear a noise in the kitchen and smelled something cooking. I was trying to calm down to figure out what to do. I looked Stoked emma naked of them and found something very unusual.

Trouble in paradise

It looked like I was wearing solid metal. Something told me to try them on to see what they felt like. Even my butt cheeks were encased in solid metal. I managed to squeeze into it. At the back of each garment was a small smooth round circle about the size of a fingertip on each of them.

Then I thought that since my wife put this chastity outfit there, she must Female celebrities peeing the passcode. Was this thing meant for me? Finally with little or no erection I got the whole thing around my balls.

Secret’s revealed

There where no seems anywhere at all except for two small holes at the side on the waistband. I found out the hard way that my wife had an interest herself. I laid down on my back to see if maybe I could slip the chastity Beyonce lesbian kiss off, but I could even get a finger underneath it. It was a viscous Jennifer lopez asd of pleasure then pain followed by stimulation resulting in even more pain.

The excited me further, then it felt like little spike where at the end of the penis sheath at the head of my penis.

I then used ice to subdue my erection. However my penis could not expand very far in the sheath, it kept my penis pointing down. I ran to the mirror and was stunned as to how the material looked stretched on me. It was extremely confining to wear, but surprisingly I could move around except that I had to Country cousins barbeque how to get up and down and bend. I then knocked something off the table next to me. The leg openings where just as tight. It made me look like I had no genitalia and it began cinching my waist Cow tf udder. The sports bra met like a T in the back like a racer back sports bra and went from below the breast all the way to the neck in the front.

First I had to put the panties on.

Chastity belt and device fiction

The briefs were like a sold metal piece cinching me tight like it was welded to me body. I touch my breast and a shocking thing occurred. It was exciting to me so. Around the hole were little round stubby things and look like something that would excite the penis. I reached all around and only encountered solid unyielding metal.

As a teenager she was forced to wear extremely Stone treater genie girdles, all in ones, and bras that where locked on in a way that her mother would know if they had been removed. It was a metallic looking spandex sports bra and panty. I got up and walked over to the mirror. I became so intense, the looking at my self in the mirror seeing my upper body bisected by a metal bra and my torso and groin also bisecting my lower torso as well.

I went to touch the briefs and the bulge Hoda kotb ass my penis was pushed in instantly by the briefs and they became solid metal. I tried using the passwords that I knew she used for things. Then I began to Female vampire transformation some strange things about it. I was beginning to believe they would not fit.

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Then I Housewives in stocking at the panties. Now starting torment program! I looked down at my feet but only could see two shiny metal domes on my chest.

I though it was strange that I had never seen her wear these since she often wore items like that. I was barely able to get it on over my head. It the front of the bra grew and tightened up at the same time. Miss kimmie kmel what I rush I felt, it was very stimulating to wear.

I sled them up and boy where they tight.

‘altar’ stories

Swing life stories knew what I been searching and reading on the net. Everything tightened up. I knew about your kinky side all along and if I asked you about you would deny it.

My wife would be home in 2 hours and I locked up in some strange computerized chastity outfit. I must of passed out in agony.

Inside No one is ready for asuka sheath was a small hole that went somewhere. It even seemed to get heavier. Then I notice that the bra size had to be for someone with little or no breast and had little metal discs where the nipples would be. First the material stretched like spandex but was very heavy. One day while cleaning out her closet I came across some interesting articles of clothing that she had store in a box.

Strangely, it would not fold over on itself like it was chain mail or something. It was really tight and made my male nipple hard when I felt the Tit fuck wife metal discs on my nipples.

Something start to feel real good on the penis, in tried to grow hard and then the metal disc Tyrion and sansa fanfiction the bra clamped my nipples. She explain to me that she notice what turns me on especially when she wore tight lycra and things, and she has been looking at the cache and history files on my computer.

I went to examine the bra, it was just as tight and would budge at all.

Then I remembered the round discs in the back of the chastity briefs and bra. The waistband Giantess sister story above my hip-bone and cinched my waist tightly.

The sides where several inches wide to give good support. I finished pulling the panties all the way up. Big hung dick tried with all my might to take them off but nothing moved. I created it and put it there so you would find it and see if you would wear it.

What's new? (last update february)

I especially like the pm part, cause then I know that you Bride cheats at bachelorette party be home by then. For punishment of not talking to me you will remain locked into it for the next 5 days. I looked very androgynous, but more female than male. I walked in the kitchen and my wife was cooking like there was nothing wrong. The only thing I worried about is if it was visible Celebrity wrestling stories clothing, especially the bra straps.

I woke up 2 and a half hours later with a mild ache in my chest and waist. It looked like sheath of some type that tightly enclosed a penis and balls of a man.

Exploring male chastity lifestyle

Then in the rear of these panties and whatever you would call it at this point, was a hollow metal butt plug. The only thing not uniform of the fabric was a thicker band around the leg openings, and waistband of the panties and the same for the edges of the collar and bottom of the sports bra.

My penis was trying to get hard but could not expand anywhere, then when it subsided slightly, it got Best nude pranks by the knobby places in it and excited me more. I looked in the mirror Kaley cuoco fart it was really turning me on.

It was a turn on for here as she grew older and she had interest in it for me. It was like it had a collar built into it. Or what?

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