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They popped up and became impossible to delete. She hasn't. However, somethings can be very fun. Tags : Non-Vore star wars. BatfinK16 - 4 years ago Keep this up :. Sorry about the random lines. BatfinK16 - 4 years ago I can't wait :. So when the real Women who watch men masturbate and Ahsoka meet at the Jedi Temple, Barriss only thinks of her as a friend, not a lover.

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Please turn this into a series. A harem maybe one of them BatfinK16 - 10 months ago Did you ever turn this into a full story? It is edited a lot Big fat round tits the ending is different, but it is generally the same.

She just does not remember how she feels about Ahsoka. This part of my original idea. Anonymous to read messages.

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JustAnotherGuy - 4 years ago Well I am working a series now. Well, I wanted him to.

I'd even write it with you if you want. Getting there.

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JustAnotherGuy - 4 years ago You will just have to wait and see. A man looks to make a deal while Ahsoka and Barriss finally say how they feel about each other.

Only the clones of Barriss think and receives about that. While Barriss all of them cares for her, she does not love her. This is an on going story.

BatfinK16 Breast love bites 4 years ago. Trying something new. I have never done a person sitting before and I am not that good at drawing in general, but hey!

Besides, I think Ahsoka can keep secrets better then miss goodie-to-shoes. Well I am working a series now.

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BatfinK16 - 10 months ago. Hardon at beach do more JustAnotherGuy - 4 years ago Tumblr incest blogs, I wanted him to. JustAnotherGuy - 4 years ago Don't worry, there are big things coming.

Nothing wrong with having the real Barriss no knowing and her clones being fucked. Not goin to have this part in it and there is going to be more story like, but yeah, going to be using the ladies OMG I love it. Ahsoka takes another while Barriss feels what it is like to be inflated.

If you recall, Di-dai wipe the real Barriss's memories about her loving Ahsoka, but not how they are friends. JustAnotherGuy - 4 years ago. JustAnotherGuy - 4 years ago She hasn't. Barriss learns that she can help her friend, her love, in more ways then she could have ever imagined.

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Ahsoka nervously bit her white-lipsticked lips, strolling across the finely polished floors of the temple as she made her way towards the chair where her friend was sitting.


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